Rehabilitate? Or, Eliminate? – It’s Tough to Be a Bug!

Welcome to the weekend, my friends!  Where applicable, don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight.  Just your friendly reminder!

Hey!  The fact that this particular attraction came up in our last conversation at the WDW Main Street Pub got me to thinking … just how old are all those bugs?

It’s Tough to Be a Bug! – which I mistakenly kept referring to on the show as ‘It’s a Bug’s Life’ – is based on the 1998 Disney-Pixar film “A Bug’s Life”.  The WDW attraction, itself, opened seven months before the movie dropped – on April 22, 1998.

Wow.  Almost twenty years old?  Already?  Hmmm.  That piece of information got me to thinking further … should the show be near to the end of its run?

Let’s consider … the movie was pretty successful.  Yet, at the same time, the characters aren’t exactly counted amongst Disney’s mainstream.  The Tree of Life is a park icon.  Shouldn’t it house an iconic attraction?  Again, hmmm.

Hey, how about a Zootopia attraction?  Just a thought.  It was one of the highest grossing animated movies in history, after all.

So, referring back to the post’s title, what’s this “rehabilitation or elimination” thing all about?  Well, if your new to All in WDW, folks, open up your imagination, because it goes something like this …

Welcome to the The Walt Disney Company, my friends!  I hope you are enjoying your “career” in Disney’s design and development division – Walt Disney Imagineering!

As you know, WDI is responsible for the creation and construction of Disney theme parks worldwide, and we need your help!

Tap into your creativity.  Imagine that you’re an … Imagineer!  Yes!  In fact, in today’s case, you’re a “re-imagineer”!

It’s Tough to Be a Bug!  Should we rehabilitate?  Leave the theme alone, but give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it with a new attraction altogether?  Or, should we simply leave it completely alone?

Your task, today, is a two-part job.  First, what’s your vote?  Second, if you want to rehabilitate, what do you suggest we do?  If you want to eliminate, what should take its place?  What’s your “Project Plan”?

Leave your comments on this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter, my friends!  This is what we do.  It’s Imagineering.  It’s “Re-Imagineering”!  We need your help!  Now, get to work!

6 thoughts on “Rehabilitate? Or, Eliminate? – It’s Tough to Be a Bug!

  1. If redone for Zootopia, there should be a gag involving wolves and howling…one of funnest things in movie…Watch it you want to start a howl?

  2. Let it be, you guys! I love it just the way it is! “A Bug’s Life” is my favorite movie! And this is my favorite attraction in Animal Kingdom!

  3. I voted to eliminate this attraction. It’s Tough To Be A Bug simply does not fill the shoes of the iconic “theme statement” attraction that should be under the Tree of Life (E.G. Spaceship Earth at Epcot). I would replace it with a film that takes influences from the old Epcot film “Symbiosis” and DisneyNature’s Earth, but stands out on its own as an amazing film that takes an incredible look at nature, Man, and the fellow beings he shares Planet Earth with.

  4. Either give it a freshin up. We love the buzzing bees and all the little things that make you feel like your in the show. We’ve seen the show every time we go to Animal Kingdom. Every time we’ve seen it we always walk out laughing at who jumped the most. If it’s eliminated then yes, Zootpia would be a great replacement because of the animal theme. One request would be more of the interactive thrills would make it fun. Thank you for your time, The Havens Family (Dad, Mom and 4 boys)

    • Great comments, Victoria! Thanks for taking the time to participate. For your family’s sake, I hope this is one time that Disney sees the outpouring of affection from you among others and takes that into consideration if the attraction is indeed under their microscope.

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