Celebrate Christmas in Disney Springs … Presented by ResortTV1!

Good morning, folks!  Are you in a festive mood today?  The first of this season’s holidays is two days away, and Walt Disney World is bursting with Christmas cheer!

Mrs. All in WDW and I can’t wait to visit in a few weeks.  There will be Christmas trees, Holiday Kitchens, lots of food, adult beverages, decorations, and gingerbread cookies!  Yum!  We can’t wait!

Until then, we’re enjoying Mickey’s celebration vicariously through our friends at ResortTV1.  Josh, Jenna, and their families bring it all to you five (or more!) days per week on YouTube!

Today?  Join Jenna as she brings us all on a tour of Disney Springs.  Check out “downtown’s” Christmas decorations and, most importantly, 2017’s Christmas Tree Trail!

Enjoy it by clicking on the picture below!

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