A Visit to Atlantic “Football” Hall on the BoardWalk? – presented by John Peters

Usually a “hoppin’ nightclub that plays the hottest songs from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and today, Atlantic Dance Hall on the BoardWalk has temporarily changed its “gig” a bit.


How so?  Well, are your teams left?  Are they moving on in the NFL Playoffs?  If you’re at WDW and want to watch your game, you ordinarily don’t have too many options.

You can watch the game in your room, I guess.  Boring.

Your resort’s bar might have a small screen TV.  Can you even see the players, though?

The ESPN Club is a good choice, but it’s usually packed.

If you’re looking for another place to watch playoff games, try the Atlantic Dance Hall on the BoardWalk!

My wife and I just happened to walk by during this past weekend’s Packers-Giants match-up.  While it’s certainly no ESPN Club, they did offer a nice environment to watch a game.


No food is available, however.  Just plenty of beer!



Talking to a Cast Member, she said that they’ll be open on Saturday, January 14th and then again on Super Bowl Sunday!

Want to watch football on your vacation?  Try the Atlantic Dance Hall!  It’s an interesting, less crowded, option!


WDW Main Street – Episode #311 – An “Untouchable” Marathon – The WDW Resorts!

Hello, folks!  In this week’s mid-week show, all four of us crowd the bar at the Main Street Pub.  Hey!  Drinks are on Doug!  Yahoo!

In this episode, we “take on” all of Walt Disney World’s resorts.  Join us as we discuss what changes, if any, we would make to your favorite vacation spot!

WDW Main Street – Episode #311 – An “Untouchable” Marathon – The WDW Resorts!


“Audio” Dining Recon: Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Good morning, my friends!  On our most-recent podcast, Doug and Dennis sit down for dinner at BoardWalk’s Big River Grille & Brewing Works.


Made with ground beef and Italian pork sausage and topped with a rich, brown gravy, how good was their Flame-Grilled Meatloaf?  Find out by listening to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #304 – Big River Grille & Brewing Works


Menu “Recon”: BoardWalk Pizza Window

Good morning, my friends!  Before we jump into today’s delectable topic, one last time, let’s review the polls we ran last week.

Last Monday, we peered into the menu at Disney Springs’ B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. and chose what we wanted to order for lunch … or, dinner!

The result?  Their 3 Little Pigs Trio led the way!  Hey!  Why not have a little bit of “everything”?  It surely does look like a phenomenal bite!

On Thursday, we admitted Off Kilter into All in WDW’s Hall of Fame.  Congratulations, Off Kilter!  Did you agree with that selection?

Well, the voting is closed now, and your voice was loud and clear.  Over 76% of you say, ‘Yes!  They most certainly deserve to be honored’!  And, so they have been!

Finally, in that very same post, we scratched the surface of the debate that will never go away.  Maelstrom vs. Frozen!  Where do you stand?

Much to my personal pleasure, the original Norwegian adventure is also your choice.  Over 62% of you prefer it to Disney’s attempt to capitalize on all that is Frozen.

Today, folks, we’re back to food.  Big surprise, eh?  Before I launch us back to Disney Springs, I want to take a quick look at yet another BoardWalk favorite.  Pizza!

Let’s quote Disney … “Stroll down Disney’s BoardWalk with a hot slice in hand or order a whole pie to feed the entire family.

Take your pick from [among the] Cheese, Pepperoni or the Signature (Italian sausage, onions, peppers, and balsamic glaze) pizza[s]”!




Let’s see a show of hands … who, here, has had one of the ‘slices’ served by the BoardWalk’s “famous” pizza window?

Wait!  I can’t “see” you.  Answer these polls, instead!  Let’s see if you think that this BoardWalk Quick Service is worth filling your belly and putting a dent in your wallet!

Menu “Recon”: The [BoardWalk] To-Go Cart

What’s on tap for today, folks?  Well, like I said in yesterday’s B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. post, here we are with, you guessed it, more food!

We’ve left Disney Springs, for the moment, to ‘jet’ across property.  Where’d we land?  Disney’s BoardWalk, of course!


The very simply-named To-Go Cart is probably one of the most unheralded Quick Service stops in all of Walt Disney World.


A veritable ode to carnival food, the Cart’s menu covers, what seems like, every item you would find at your local county fair.


What would be my personal favorites?  Well, Fried Ravioli would top my list!  After that, either of To Go’s Corn Dogs would be a must.

How about you, my friends?  What would you order from this little-known spot?  Leave a comment and let us know!