Tables on the Loop! – Round 2

Holy smokes! It was the “Great Victoria & Albert’s Controversy of 2013” over on Facebook yesterday! That took me a little by surprise.

While those of you who visit us from Reddit and Twitter were peacefully voting away, some of our good friends from within the “Lines (Touring Plans) group” on Facebook expressed astonishment that the Grand Floridian’s (and, dare I say WDW’s) flagship restaurant, Victoria & Albert’s, was struggling to keep up with Kona Cafe’s vote totals.

Like me, if you’ve been to Victoria & Albert’s, I’m sure you can understand their bewilderment.  It is undoubtedly one of (if not) the most-acclaimed dining experience on property.  But, like any other popularity contest, it isn’t always “the best” that wins.  It is the “favorite”.  Let’s face it, not every American Idol winner was that year’s best singer.  They were the most popular.

Having said that, Victoria & Albert’s lives to fight another day … er, another round.  They just barely held off The Wave to follow Kona Cafe into the Elite Eight!  For you Victoria & Albert’s fans out there … vote, vote, vote!  It’s the only way to push WDW’s prized jewel of cuisine into the finale!

Remember, folks, as we move on, the choices don’t get any more pleasant, and, more important, the groupings don’t get any easier to make.  This time, I paired them so that no restaurant competes against the same restaurant they faced in Round 1.  Please don’t “shoot the messenger”!  Ha-ha!

Vote, vote, vote!  It is Round 2!  The Top 2 from each group move forward to the final vote!


Tables on the Loop! – Round 1

Since we’re sticking around the monorail loop, I thought it would be a really great idea to stop at one of Disney’s fine “eateries” for dinner. Or, breakfast. Or, lunch. Or, whatever you prefer.

Really, it doesn’t matter. All in WDW has a world-wide reach – now, with people from 71 countries having stopped by for a visit. It has to be dinner somewhere!

You can’t really appreciate just how many Table Service options there are on “the loop” until you try to build them into a tourney-poll. There are loads! Geez, I even had to exclude a few. Did you know that you can order food at Tambu Lounge, for example?

I’m going to warn you now … if you ask me, none of these choices are easy. In other words, this should be a fun but very unpredictable “competition”.

Nonetheless, have at it, folks! VOTE! Let’s crown the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Monorail-Loop Table Service Restaurant!

The Wave