Menu “Recon”: Fairfax Fare

Let’s see a show of hands.  Who, here, misses Pizza Planet?

What?!  Come on.  I know you’re out there!  After all, back in 2013, you voted it the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Quick Service!

All right.  Well, as you undoubtedly know by now, Pizza Planet closed for refurbishment way back in January.  Whether it comes back with the same theme or not has been debated ever since.

Almost three months later, in April, Studio Catering Co. was shuttered, as well.  Wow!  Disney is closing down Hollywood’s Counter Service dining options as fast as they’re eliminating attractions!  All in the name of progress, I’m sure.

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It leaves us to wonder … what in The World is left?  The Holly-world, that is.  My friends, let’s spend a little bit of time down on Sunset Boulevard.  Disney hasn’t strolled down there yet, and that little thoroughfare is loaded with options!

First up?  Fairfax Fare!  A little stop with open-air seating nearby, it sports a barbecue-intensive menu.  Is it a fan favorite?  Hmm.  It very well could be.  Take a look!






What looks good to you, my friends?  Barbecue?  Dogs?  Salad?  Make your choice, below!  Oh, and please come back tomorrow!  Our next stop?  Catalina Eddie’s!


All in WDW’s Readers Recommend … BBQ Pork!

So, our son and his wife will very soon move to Nashville, Tennessee.  You see, he earned a residency position in Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University!

Anyway, that’s not the point I wanted to highlight.  It’s this … the last time they visited the Music City, he commented, “You have to love Nashville.  Everywhere smells like BBQ!”

Looking at this week’s dining polls, the All in WDW “universe” would very likely wholeheartedly appreciate Nashville!

Take a look back at both Whispering Canyon and Captain Cook’s, if you “voted” your opinions several days back.  If not, please jump back and weigh in now!

Of course, Captain Cook’s Pulled Pork Nachos aren’t necessarily BBQ, but they’re close enough, I’d say.


Those that have tried them?  100% of the respondents, thus far (myself included), would definitely recommend them to friends and family alike!

Plus, 89% of those who have visited this quick service, rate it a 4 or 5 on a scale from 1 to 5.  High marks, Captain!  Congratulations!

Whispering Canyon earns a similar level of your love.  82% of those that answered rank their experience there as a 4 or 5.  In other words, they had a great time!


And, what did they enjoy most?  You guessed it … pork!  86% of you declared your affection for Canyon’s Slow-smoked Pork Ribs and Barbecued Pulled Pork!

In the end, I think it’s safe to say, my friends that “All in WDW’s Readers Recommend” Whispering Canyon Cafe in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge as well as Captain Cook’s in the Polynesian Village Resort.

Take our advice!  Add both locations to your future “menus”!

“Whisper” us up some BBQ, Disney! Yes, it’s another tasty “Dining Recon”!

Good morning, folks!  Has your week started off well?  I truly hope so!

So, what’s “on tap” for today?  What?!  More great Disney food?  Of course, my friends!  Don’t you expect that from me, by now?

Actually, I was on my way over to the Magic Kingdom to show you, yes, even more food, and I decided to stop by the Wilderness Lodge.  Why?  Well, to enjoy some tasty barbecue, of course!

To be truthful, this particular visit to Disney’s rustic tribute to America’s Great Northwest was a very special day.  It was Mrs. All in WDW’s birthday!  A lunch at Whispering Canyon was her only request!





Canyon’s menu comes packed with great choices, but, naturally, we had to order their All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Skillet.  It’s phenomenal!

Loaded with barbecued pulled pork (top), slow-smoked pork ribs (move clockwise), mashed potatoes, corn on the cobb, roasted chicken, sausage, and baked beans (center), this dish is a big winner!


Of course, if you’ve never been to Whispering Canyon, I have to “warn” you … your meal comes with entertainment.  You see, your servers come ready to fill your time with “a rowdy, rootin’ tootin’ good time”!



In other words, if you want to “jump in”, the antics they’ll drag you into are legendary!  Of course, if you’re more inclined to have a semi-quiet breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can just “watch” and laugh!

So, before I leave, let me ask you a few questions!  What do you think of this very-popular spot?