Food Fight – Round 1

So, when I posted the Hollywood Studios results last night, I asked, in Lines Chat, “What’s next”? mkayo1976 said, “AK next”! And, then, “Have to do MK last before the final showdown.” Well, AK will come in time, mkayo, and that’s the plan – Magic Kingdom will come right before the Final Vote. The vote to decide it all! Just what is our favorite WDW attraction? In the meantime, I’m hungry!

Therefore, herein lies a vote to determine the “All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Buffet/Family Style Dining Experience”. Man, I have got to come up with shorter award titles! Same as last time – we’ll …

… crown one winner, but the best two will move on to a later poll or to polls that will eventually decide our favorite WDW restaurant. For now, winner of each category moves on to the next round.

Boma Live!

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