The Excellence of Epcot! – Round 2

Wow!  We covered a lot of ground in Round 1 – 300 acres, to be exact – since we spanned the entirety of Epcot.

Some observations … yay, Spaceship Earth!  It’s the big winner after garnering 87.04% of the vote in its group.  A trip to WDW just isn’t complete until you smell Rome burning, is it?  Close behind, with 80% of the vote in its group, was Soarin’.

The weakest attraction to make it to Round 2 was …

… The American Adventure (8.33%).  Given that it was matched up with Spaceship Earth and its phenomenal performance, it’s not a surprise that the American pavilion’s flagship did relatively poorly.  The fact that it barely beat O Canada!, however, is somewhat intriguing.

I wasn’t shocked to see Innoventions struggle.  In total, its nine attractions pulled in a mere 40 votes.  In comparison, each group winner scored more support than all those attractions combined.  The big surprise, though, was the weak performance turned in by Sum of All Thrills.  After being bested by Figment and Agent P, I would call that thrill ride Round 1’s biggest disappointment.

Let’s get after Round 2, friends!  It’s the “Sweet Sixteen”, and we have more work to do!  Vote!!


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