The Excellence of Epcot! – Round 3

Wow!  I mean, just wow!!  Your response and participation in Round 2 of our crusade to elect All in WDW’s Favorite Epcot Attraction was nothing short of PHENOMENAL!  Just phenomenal!

Prior to yesterday, All in WDW’s all-time record for page views in a day was 498.  The record now stands at …

… 870 – thanks to you!  870!!  We received more votes per group yesterday (an average of over 217 per group) than in any other Favorites poll we have run.  What a turnout!  Thank you, all, for your support.  You are … well, you are PHENOMENAL!

We’ve reached the “Elite Eight”, my friends.  One round away from the “Final Four”, let’s get voting!

Mission: Space

4 thoughts on “The Excellence of Epcot! – Round 3

  1. When it getslined up like this Epcot looks like the worst park ever! I know it’s not but if these are seriously the 8 best rides it’s really sad.

    • Epcot is more about the experience than it is about attractions, so I’m not surprised it looks paltry in this format. The best parts have always been the live performers, like American Vybe, Off Kilter, the candy sculptor, the World Showcase players, and the much-missed Tapestry of Nations parade.

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