WDW Trivia! – The Answer

It certainly does seem “impossible to imagine more than one or two new ones in the future, but”, according to Susan Veness in The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, “there is actually room for seven more” countries in World Showcase! Seven?! Wow! I would be happy with the aforementioned one or two.

Which begs the question, then. What countries would you like to see added to World Showcase? To give you a place to start, I consulted …

… The World of All in WDW. Hey, why not give the countries that have reached out to touch this community a chance to be immortalized in Epcot?

You can make up to three choices, my friends, and if you want to register a “write-in” vote, I left a spot for that as well.

Get at it! Who would we want to see added to World Showcase?


8 thoughts on “WDW Trivia! – The Answer

  1. Australia? The last thing Epcot needs is another quasi-British country. India, UAE, or Russia for sure. Those are at least different.

  2. Four more write-in votes over night, folks. Israel, Poland, Iceland, and Antarctica. Antarctica? I’m trying to visualize how the imagineers would pull that off. I guess a big indoor pavilion with a super-strength air conditioning system set to frigid? Yikes!

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