Re-Imagining World Showcase?

The votes are in, and we have spoken! The three “countries” that we, the All in WDW community, have decided to add to Epcot’s World Showcase are:

Australia / New Zealand



I swear I wrote this post (other than listing the winners, of course) way before I opened the poll, but I, too, cast my choices for …

… Australia/New Zealand, Russia, and India. In my mind, I could have made very strong cases for Brazil, South Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and Spain. However, I just couldn’t pass by the aforementioned three. Personally, I have always been enticed by the romance of a trip down-under. Plus, I think the cultures of Russia and India would make great additions to World Showcase.

This poll was phenomenal from a standpoint of you providing commentary as well. Other than the many comments you put directly on this post, here is some of what you all said on Reddit:

I agree on South America, but not Brazil. I’d suggest Chile or Peru, actually. Russia would be cool, too. What about Australia?

I second Peru! I have been there a few times (my wife is from Lima). The food and culture are amazing. Oh, and did I mention the food?

Sub-Sahara Africa was on the original plans. I’d like to see what they would do with that. Also, South America is not represented anywhere.

I wouldn’t mind the original plan of Israel and, then also, Russia. I actually have one of the original park maps that has “Coming Soon: Israel” in the spot where it was going to be built.

I feel like the Pacific is overall not as represented in the parks. Yeah, you get the Polynesian (Resort), but that’s about it. I’d like to see an Oceania/Pacific Islands area added to EPCOT.

I’d love to see a Scotland section of the United Kingdom to coincide with the popularity of Brave. At the minute, ‘United Kingdom’ is basically just England.

It needs something from South America.

Russia would be cool.

Mother Russia. Definitely.

I’ve always thought Russia would make a great addition with a mini-replication of that castle-like church (St. Peter’s Basilica). If not, then South America is sorely unrepresented at EPCOT. Brazil or Argentina would be wonderful additions. You could even have shows based on the Brazilian Carnival or Argentinian tango dancers.

My friends, you guys did a really great job! Fine choices, all of them. More importantly, GREAT comments. Hey, Disney! Now, it’s your turn. Get working! We want to see those new pavilions!

Via Napoli

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