WDW Recon: The Belle Vue Lounge

One of our favorite things to do is to chill at one of WDW’s many lounges. I’ll bet you know which ones I mean – places like Tambu Lounge (Polynesian), Crew’s Cup Lounge (Yacht Club), and Belle Vue Lounge (BoardWalk Inn).

If you’ve never been to the Belle Vue, in the mornings, it is a quick stop for breakfast. Grab yourself some coffee, milk, juice, bagels, fruit, yogurt, cold cereal or muffins. They even have small versions of Mickey muffins! In the evenings, however, they don’t serve food. Or, so we thought.

The bartenders – Allen and Tim – at the Belle Vue are fantastic! This trip, we asked them about the absence of food or snack options. What we were told is …

… that there is a way to buy and eat dinner. As we lounged around enjoying their decor and sipping glasses of wine, they suggested we order from the resort’s Room Service menu! It had never occurred to us.

I was handed the menu and a house phone and twenty minutes later I was in possession of a delicious grilled chicken sandwich, some homemade chips, and a cucumber salad. All of it was billed to my room and delivered directly to my Belle Vue table. Outstanding!

Enjoy this photo tour of the Belle Vue Lounge, and the next time you’re on the boardwalk, stop in and say ‘hi’ for us! Click on the photos to enlarge them and get a true appreciation for the lounge’s genre-appropriate decor.  The detail is outstanding!

Belle Vue Sign

Welcome to the Belle Vue!

From Outside The Lounge

From outside the lounge.

Walking in.

Walking in.

The bar.  Not open quite yet!

The bar. Not open quite yet!

Belle Vue Seating

Seating area.

More Seating

More seating.

Another view of the seating.

Genre appropriate decor.

Genre appropriate decor. Bar in background.

More decor.

More decor.

The whole place!

The lounge comes to life!

The lounge comes to life!

Behind the bar.

Behind the bar.

Lounging at the bar.

Lounging at the bar.

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