Irresistible? You Bet! The Butterfinger Cupcakes Win … Again!

Way to go, Starring Rolls!  You are still the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Hollywood Studios Quick Service!  It won this “prize” in 2014, too, my friends.

Folks, it’s just too hard to pass by a Butterfinger Cupcake, isn’t it?  I mean, look at it!


Let me tell you, if you haven’t had one yet, you should.  It’s the decadent “cupcake cousin” of the long-time popular candy bar, and it’s delicious!

As for the remainder of Hollywood’s Quick Service options, you’d recommend them to family and friends in this order – the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Top 5 Hollywood Studios Quick Services!

  1. Starring Rolls Cafe
  2. Backlot Express
  3. ABC Commissary
  4. Fairfax Fare
  5. Rosie’s All-American Café

Great work, everyone!  At some point in the future, we’re going discuss Hollywood’s Quick Services again, though.

Why, you ask?  Well, the comments I saw over the past two days suggest that they are all candidates for our “Rehabilitate or Eliminate” feature!

Hey!  Maybe its time we took it into our own hands and improved dining at the Studios for Disney!

Your FAVORITE Hollywood Studios Quick Service? VOTE!

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome back to All in WDW!  Are you ready to hit the polls?  Once again, it’s time to vote!

How could I take all of that time last weekend to stroll past Sunset Boulevard’s Quick Services and leave some of them “un-visited”?  Which did I miss, you ask?

Well, we haven’t dropped by Anaheim Produce as yet.  I know.  Fruit.  Wouldn’t hand-dipped ice cream be more enticing?  However, we’ve neglected Hollywood Scoops as well!


Apple Crisp a la Mode, anyone?  A Brownie Sundae, perhaps?  Yum!  Back to the “tour”, though.  To this point, we’ve visited …

Toluca Legs Turkey Co.

Rosie’s All-American Café

Catalina Eddie’s

Fairfax Fare

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner

Backlot Express Restaurant

The Trolley Car Café!

If you missed them earlier, please click the links above to view their menus.  You might just need that information in a few, brief moments!

Folks, welcome to the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Hollywood Studios Quick Service poll!  Below, I present you with twelve options.  Everything Hollywood has to offer!

Your job, today, is to select your Top 3 choices.  Yes.  That’s right.  You can select THREE of these Quick Service venues.  When all is said and done, ONE of them will “reign” supreme!

Straightforward enough, eh?  Will it burgers or pizza?  Will it be barbecue or bakery?  Only YOU know, my friends, so VOTE!

How Do You Make a Butterfinger Cupcake?

Did you get a chance to tackle yesterday’s Butterfinger Challenge?  No?  Then, by all means, stop right here and go back to register your response!  I won’t “spill” the answer for a few paragraphs yet.

I have to admit, now made by Nestlé, a Butterfinger is pretty high up on my list of favorite candy bars.  Also favorites of mine are Snickers, Milky Way, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, for what it’s worth.

Of course, I’m almost always on a diet of some kind or another, so I don’t get much chance to enjoy any of these little goodies.  Such is life.

Butterfinger Cupcake

Originally introduced in 1923, the Butterfinger was initially produced by the Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago, Illinois.

A candy bar consisting of a flaky, crisp, orange-colored, peanut butter-flavored center, this chocolate-covered treat makes for a great ingredient in cakes, ice creams, pies and cupcakes alike!

Before I leave you for the day, I thought you’d appreciate this.  I found the recipe and a link to an instructional video(!) for the infamous Starring Rolls delight at a web site called The Disney Diner.

Follow this link to see the secrets and if you want to answer the question, “How do you make a Butterfinger cupcake?”  And, hey!  If you do try to recreate this gem, please send me a picture at  I’ll publish it on the site!

The “Butterfinger Challenge”?

Call this post the “Butterfinger Challenge”!

For something light and fun, and in honor of our newly-crowned DHS Quick Service “champ” and its signature cupcake, let’s take on a little bit of candy trivia.

Oh, I can hear you now.  Mmm.  OK, Bob, but I’d rather have some candy.

Starring Rolls Cafe

Well, I wish I could oblige, but take a taste of this instead … Butterfinger was invented by the Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago, Illinois.  It first appeared in __________.

The All in WDW Readers’ Top 5 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Quick Service Restaurants!

Good morning, my friends!  Back to business.  I owe you an All in WDW Readers’ Top 5 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Quick Service Restaurants.

It’s an interesting story.  Well, I think it’s interesting, at least.  Why?  Well, I could give you a couple of Top 5’s, actually.  Huh?

Well, going into Monday’s finale, here were the Top 5 vote-getters from Rounds 1 and 2 …

  1. Starring Rolls Cafe
  2. ABC Commissary
  3. Fairfax Fare
  4. Pizza Planet Arcade
  5. Studio Catering Co.

Appropriate, yes?  Starring Rolls at the top.  Studio Catering Co. in the mix.  Not a bad Top 5.

The Whole Restaurant

Except, this is the point at which my method for sorting the voting groups together (which is pretty random, I promise) becomes important.

Do you remember Round 2?  Backlot Express squeezed past Studio Catering Co. by one vote in order to land in the final “battle”.  Do you see Backlot Express in the list above?

Of course, not.  Why?  Even with its eleven finale votes, Express merely tied Catering in overall vote totals for the entire competition!

Sour grapes?  No.  We’ve only been to Studio Catering Co. once.  It was a pretty good meal, but we’re not that fond of the place.

So, where does this leave us?  Taking Backlot Express into account, here is our official Top 5 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Quick Service Restaurants …

  1. Starring Rolls Cafe
  2. ABC Commissary
  3. Pizza Planet Arcade
  4. Backlot Express
  5. Fairfax Fare

So, tell me this, then.  Just what is so good about Backlot Express?  We’ve been to Studio Catering Co.  We enjoyed it.  But, have we been missing the mark?  Is Express the place to go?  Let us know!