WDW Trivia! – Hollywood Studios

Good morning, all!  Welcome to Tuesday of Championship Week!

Yesterday, you climbed Everest and explored the Harambe Wildlife Reserve to take on some Animal Kingdom trivia.  Well, you came out at the “top of the class”!

First, 55.56% of you conquered the Forbidden Mountain and correctly stated that ‘Expedition Everest has six “old and rusty” steam-like trains that are themed as being part of the Anandapur Rail Service.’  Great work!  And, for those of you that responded with “Himalayan Escapes and Expeditions”, you were close.  The ride’s queue starts at the offices of the fictional “Himalayan Escapes” travel agency.

For those that are interested, Expedition Everest uses a track system, in which the rails are on the outside of the ties rather than on the inside, designed by Vekoma Rides Manufacturing.  Everest was the first large-scale installation of that system and was the inspiration for the last option on the list of possible answers – the Vekoma Railroad!

You blew the second question “out of the park”!  A whopping 84.21% of you knew that you wouldn’t find an Eastern Grey Kangaroo on a safari through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve.  Native to southern and eastern Australia, the eastern grey kangaroo is a marsupial also known as the great grey kangaroo or the Forester kangaroo.  Whatever its name, it would need to swim across the ocean to find its way to Africa!  Outstanding job, fans!

Now, let’s move on.  It’s time to take on the two Hollywood Studios attractions we voted as that park’s very best back in December!

Question #1:  According to the legend, if you had wanted to book a stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, you would have had to do it before a mysterious incident forced it to close in _____.


Question #2:  Time to grab your backstage passes, kids!  Aerosmith is warming up, and the concert is about to start!  The recording studios of record label G-Force Records opened their rockin’ steel roller coaster ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on _____.

Rock 'n Roller

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