WDW Trivia! – The Answer

Did you know that Disney’s Polynesian Resort was initially referred to as the Polynesian Village?

The Poly opened on October 1, 1971 with 492 rooms and eight longhouses. After two major expansions – the first in 1978 which included the addition of one longhouse and the second in 1985 which added the final two – the Poly finally rested at its current total of eleven.  44% of us were on top of that fact!

In addition, the resort adopted its new name – Disney’s Polynesian Resort – in 1985.

According to Wikipedia, “On October 28, 1999, most of the resort’s longhouses were renamed to better reflect the …

… vast scope of the Polynesian islands. Today, the longhouses are named for islands on the Polynesian isle map, with chosen longhouse names matching the relative geographic position of their namesake island(s).

Ten of the eleven longhouses, excluding Fiji, were renamed: Bali Hai became Tonga; Bora Bora became Niue; Hawaii became Samoa; Maui became Rarotonga; Moorea became Tahiti; Oahu became Tokelau; Pago Pago became Rapa Nui; Samoa became Tuvalu; Tahiti became Aotearoa and Tonga became Hawaii.  This question was the ‘stumper’ as only 22% of us got it right.

Thanks for playing yesterday, folks!  Have a great Friday!

Now, let’s stop into Captain Cook’s for some Dole Whip before we head over to the monorail!  Yum!


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