Dining Recon: Oasis Bar & Grill

Speaking of pool bars.  Let’s hop down the Monorail loop, shall we?  The Polynesian Village Resort is very-often considered to be one of Disney’s best Deluxe accommodations.


Loaded with South Pacific flair, it’s most-known for its ultra-popular Table Service venues – ‘Ohana and Kona Cafe.

When it comes to Counter Services, however, Captain Cook’s ‘quickly’ comes to mind.  Well, the captain has a bit of competition now, I’d say!

Folks, meet Oasis Bar & Grill!  I have to confess … I had to sneak into this spot.  It’s reserved for resort Guests only!  Anything for you, my friends!





The Poly’s newest pool bar, as you can see, Oasis is a great looking spot.  It also offers fantastic views with plenty of seating!



Their menu offers plenty of options …



Remember how much I loved Food & Wine’s Kalua Pork Sliders?  Well, check it out!  Oasis serves their own recipe!



So, how were they?  Well, at $9.99, they were relatively economical.  Food & Wine charged $4.25 for one.  Oasis serves three!

Taste-wise?  Um, Food & Wine definitely “wins” the battle.  The Oasis sliders were a bit dry.

Food & Wine’s pork, by comparison, was much more moist and tender.  Having said that, it wasn’t a bad meal.  A quick lunch and a refreshing beverage.  A nice afternoon repast.

Oasis Bar & Grill, Disney fans.  If you’re staying at Poly, try it!  If not, and you try to sneak in … well, you didn’t get the idea from me!

Seeing the Light at Trader Sam’s!

Wow!  I have to tell you … when I posted my “recon” of Trader Sam’s a few month’s back, I thought my pictures were pretty good.

Leave it to my son to teach me a lesson!  Great lighting!  Phenomenal color!  Outstanding job!  Enjoy!

Photo Oct 30, 2 27 52 PM

Photo Oct 30, 4 00 57 PM

Photo Oct 30, 4 03 29 PM

Photo Oct 30, 4 10 43 PM

Photo Oct 30, 4 06 57 PM

New Holiday Hours for Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto?

Credit Mrs. All in WDW for this “Flash Report”!

Rumor has it that, starting today, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto will be open from 2 PM to 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays for both November and December!


Wow!  We hope this is true!  It would be great hours for the holidays, folks, and provide a much better chance to enjoy this unique experience!

It’s also a good thing, because she was told that staff expects to be packed, each and every day, from open to close!  Great report, my dear!


TONS of Food Pics! Dining Recon: Lunch at Kona Cafe!

My friends, I absolutely love posts that write themselves … with food pictures!  After all, I can only babble on just so much, you know?

few months back, Mrs. All in WDW and I met a few friends for lunch … at Kona Cafe!  Located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Kona is an outstanding venue for any meal.





For instance, remember our recent breakfast?  I published this delicious post back in early July.  Look at those pics!  Yum!

But, back to today’s point.  Lunch!  From “caterpillars” to volcanoes”, they have sushi!




And, they offer a plethora of desserts!  Check out that Banana-Chocolate Creme Brulee!





Of course, they offer, pretty much everything else in between.  Take a look!


On this day, we shared a trio of tasty appetizers.  The Pot Stickers, for example were fantastic!


You see, this is why I don’t buy China’s pot stickers at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.  Why taste them there, when you can get a much-better rendition at Kona?

Of course, the steamed buns at Food & Wine are usually phenomenal.  Then, again, so are these …


Pillowy soft and full of flavor!  Kona’s Steamed Pork Buns are well worth trying!

Finally, who can pass on Sticky Wings?  Simply delicious!


Naturally, that wasn’t the end of our lunch date.  Entrees followed quickly behind as one of our friends enjoyed a serving of Kona’s Big Island Tacos.  This is the Fish Taco.


Our other lunch companion raved about the Kona Surf and Turf Burger Deluxe!


Mrs. All in WDW took the healthy route and chose the cafe’s Grilled Steak Salad.


And, leaving the best for last, I just had to have “my” Pan-Asian Noodles with Chicken!  They are SO good!


Sadly, after all of those appetizers and entrees, we couldn’t even dream about touching a dessert.  Next time, perhaps!

Fans, you’ll find a “ton” of culinary options at the Polynesian’s Kona Cafe, but, better yet, you’ll discover a very high level of quality.  I cannot recommend the Pan-Asian Noodles highly enough!

Friendly service, great food, and it won’t break your wallet.  What more could we ask for?  Bon appetit!