More BoardWalk Trivia!

Hah!  I knew that yesterday’s challenge was going to be an easy one for all you expert WDW fans.

Yes, the home of BoardWalk’s Keister Coaster is the Luna Park Pool.  74% of you got that one right!  Great work, but just how well do you know Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Villas?  Give these two a try …

In total, the Inn and Villas contain 903 rooms.  Which of these combinations is correct?

Now, that one has to be a bit of a stumper.  No?  How about this one?

Did you know that the BoardWalk has two concierge floors?  I didn’t.  See?  You do learn something new about WDW every day!

Concierge guests (usually with rooms on the 4th floor) have exclusive access to …

… their own private lounge.  As with other WDW concierge accommodations, amenities include continental breakfast in the mornings, assorted refreshments in the afternoons, and wine, cheese, cordials, and desserts in the evenings.

Probably the most exciting benefit of BoardWalk’s concierge lounge, however, is that Epcot’s fireworks spectacle – IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth – can be seen nightly from its balcony!

So, here’s the question … what’s the name of BoardWalk’s concierge lounge?

Of all the WDW pictures I have taken, this is one of my favorites!

Of all the WDW pictures I have taken over the years , this is still one of my all-time favorites!

4 thoughts on “More BoardWalk Trivia!

  1. Have you ever tried renting a Surrey bike at the Boardwalk? Our family rented two on our last trip and we really enjoyed it! You can really get some momentum going down those hills!

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