Pictorial Tour: Big Thunder!

The Internet is still chattering about “The Lone Ranger”, and it has me all ‘wound up’ about the American “Old West”.

In fact, the movie review I published earlier this week reminded me that I shot a pictorial of one of our favorite WDW attractions the last time we visited the Magic Kingdom – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  Now, that’s the “Old West”!

If you don’t already know, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a wild mine-train roller coaster ride located in the ‘Frontierlands’ of several Disney parks across the world.   It exists at Disneyland Park (California) and the Magic Kingdom as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  At Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Park (Paris) it goes by the name of Big Thunder Mountain.

Of course, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is also the name of the fictional rail line that the roller coaster depicts.  Anyway you cut it, it is a wild, wild ride through the “Wild, Wild West”!

Enjoy my tour through its queue at WDW!  Oh, hey, click on the pics with the train!  In my humble opinion, they are pretty darn good.

BTMR - Shot 1

BTMR - Shot 2

BTMR - Shot 3

BTMR - Shot 4

BTMR - Shot 5

BTMR - Shot 6

BTMR - Shot 7

BTMR - Shot 8

BTMR - Shot 9

BTMR - Shot 10

BTMR - Shot 11

BTMR - Shot 12

BTMR - Shot 13

BTMR - Shot 14

BTMR - Shot 15

BTMR - Shot 16

BTMR - Shot 17

BTMR - Shot 18

BTMR - Shot 19

BTMR - Shot 20

BTMR - Shot 21

BTMR - Shot 22

BTMR - Shot 23

BTMR - Shot 24

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