Dining Recon: Siestas Cantina

Of all the times we’ve stayed at Coronado Springs Resort, we’ve never eaten at their pool bar – Siestas Cantina. Until yesterday … in a rainstorm!


Honestly, we wanted to stop in and say hi to Arina. She formerly tended bar at Laguna Bar but recently switched over to Siestas. Like the other Laguna bartenders, she’s phenomenal.


We were surprised that Siestas carried such a nice menu. Several of their options looked great for a quick lunch!



Although I was sorely tempted by their Pork Carnitas Tacos, I chose the Fish Tacos.


The fish was perfectly-cooked but a bit under-seasoned to my taste. Still, I enjoyed the dish.

Mrs. All in WDW, ever healthy, chose the Taco Salad minus the cheese. She deemed it a good salad. She’d have it again.


It was an enjoyable afternoon. Watching World Cup football. Visiting with Arina. Suffering the mild thunderstorms.

Hey, it didn’t matter. The company and the scenery were beautiful in spite of the rain!


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