Wait! Coronado Springs Found Their Boats?!

For those of you who have stayed at, and maybe even love, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, you’ll appreciate this story.

Mrs. All in WDW and I were hit with a big surprise when we stopped by Laguna Bar on a recent trip.  Coronado finally found their boats!

Photo Sep 19, 3 46 11 PM

Our very first trip to Walt Disney World was way back in 1999.  We stayed at, and fell in love with, Coronado Springs.

Other than the general theming and atmosphere of the resort, and its Pepper Market “food court”, we loved Lago Dorado for its beautiful view … and its boats!

Take a look at these shots of La Marina.  I pulled them out of my mid-2000’s archive of photos.

Disney! 049

Disney! 052

Sadly, in recent years, lack of profitability marked the end of Coronado’s dock … its fleet of boats a distant memory.  Well, they’re back!

Photo Sep 19, 3 44 05 PM

Or, are they?  In true investigative reporter fashion, I went in search of the resort’s “powers that be”.

Have you ever heard of Mercury Marine?  They make top-quality outboard motors as well as a line of inboard boat engines.

Photo Sep 19, 3 43 16 PM

Do you also know that Coronado is a popular Disney convention resort?

Uh, yeah.  Unfortunately, Coronado’s new-found fleet of watercraft had re-appeared as nothing more than “eye candy”.  Mercury was on their way in for a conference, and Coronado “dressed up” for the party.

Hopefully, one day, La Marina will spring back into life, but, today, it’s back to being the same old desolate dock.  Sad, but true.

Photo Sep 19, 3 46 34 PM

Hey!  Don’t tease us like that Disney!  It’s not kind!  Cheers, everyone.  Have a great day!

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