Downtown Parking Pandemonium?!

Actually, no.  Not “pandemonium”.  But, it isn’t exactly “smooth sailing” either.

If you are brave enough to navigate the still on-going road construction that cradles Downtown Disney like a star outfielder grasps a fly ball in his or her glove, you’ll survive the parking lot.  I think.

The brand new parking garage, in fact, is outstanding!  It’s the drivers in the garage that make parking an ordeal.

The garage was clearly designed for convenience and the efficient parking of cars.  In spite of this, there were a lot of very slow-moving vehicles (and pretty confused drivers) the last time we visited.

It stymies me, to be honest.  Why?

Well, as you approach the entry to the garage, you’ll see that Disney has constructed a digital sign that displays how many parking spots are open on each level!

As you drive through the garage, signs at each lane display how many spots are open in that lane.  See?


Finally, as you drive down a lane, green lights announce open spots!  Wow!   It’s all quite clever and very helpful.


Yet, drivers crawl through the garage, seemingly lost, and in a state of mass confusion.  My, oh, my.

I once mentioned that I was intimidated by the prospect of navigating Downtown’s construction.  Folks, don’t be afraid.  But, be very patient.  You’ll get there … sooner or later.

One last tip?  By all means, please listen to this one.  Once you’ve parked, take a picture of the nearest Level and Lane “marker”.


Trust me on this one.  As Mrs. All in WDW and I made our way to our car, we were deafened by a symphony of car horns.

Yes, my friends.  Dozens of Guests could not find their cars and were intentionally setting off their alarms.  You don’t want to be “that” guy or gal.

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