Dining Recon: Cabana Bar and Beach Club at the Dolphin … Revisited!

Every once in a while, Mrs. All in WDW and I get the urge to stop by and enjoy one of our old favorites – in this case, the Dolphin’s Cabana Bar.


Set way in the back, by the resort’s main pool area, Cabana is a great place to sit outside and relax … without being completely drenched by the rays of the sun.



For us, Cabana Bar and Beach Club is one of Disney’s hidden gems.  We hadn’t been there in forever!

Like I said in my last “recon” – stop back for a full array of pics at this link – we really enjoy the bar’s “your outside, but it doesn’t quite feel like you’re outside” atmosphere!

One of the pleasant surprises we received on this particular visit was the fact that they’ve “tweaked” their menu.  They’ve added a lot of tasty options, as far as my eye can see.



I was salivating over the prospect of having the Schnitzel, but, alas, we had lunch plans elsewhere that day.  I’ll admit … the dishes are a bit pricey, but we’ve always found Cabana’s food to be quite good.

On this day, we quenched our appetite with a quick bite – their Lettuce Wrap.



We were wondering how they could possibly charge $12 for a single lettuce wrap, but the dish’s unique construction and presentation easily answered that question.

The flavor (er, spice) could have been a bit stronger.  The filling could have been a bit better.  But, using an iceberg lettuce wrap to construct a “sushi” roll is incredibly interesting, wouldn’t you agree?

I can’t even begin to scratch the surface on the reasons why you should give Cabana Bar at least one try, but if you crave a nice “high-class feeling” spot “outside”, this might be your destination.

Are you a fan of the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resorts?  Have you been to their Cabana Bar and Beach Club?  Leave a comment and tell us your Swan, Dolphin, and Cabana stories!

2 thoughts on “Dining Recon: Cabana Bar and Beach Club at the Dolphin … Revisited!

  1. We are staying at the Dolphin the last week in May for the first time. We are going to have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

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