What a Night and Day Difference!

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome to a new week.  May it speed on past and deliver us all safely to another fun weekend!

This past Saturday, Mrs. All in WDW, our son, and I got the chance to spend a lovely afternoon and evening at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.  Joining us at Laguna Bar was Dennis Conroy – of the WDW Main Street Podcast – and his family!


Call it a Team All in WDWTeam Main Street “meeting of the minds”!  A Disney-fied “summit”, if you will.

We all enjoyed some drinks, dinner, and, most of all, a beautiful setting.  Great conversation, a fantastic bar, a fabulous lake, a delicious burger, and a first-rate, if under-appreciated, resort.  Paradise!

As we sat there, I couldn’t resist taking these before-and-after shots of El Centro – Coronado’s main building.  A tale of two time-frames?  Here it is!



2 thoughts on “What a Night and Day Difference!

  1. Beautiful! Like you, I’m a long-time fan of CSR. It was the first resort we ever stayed at, so it’ll always hold a special place for me. We do stay at other resorts on property, but I often find myself coming back to CSR, at least for a night or two. And… I just found out my company is holding it’s big annual conference here next year!! I have a feeling it’s going to be strange to be here with all my work colleagues…

    • It’s the same for us, of course. Our first resort! We’ve stayed at a wide variety of the Deluxes. We’ve stayed at POP. We always find our way back to Coronado. I’m not sure I’d want to share it with work, however. I wouldn’t want them to tarnish that happy place! Lol

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