Photo “Recon”: The Ganachery

Since I last left you with 5,180,176 calories of chocolate, I thought I’d stay on that sweet topic … with Disney Springs’ newest gem – The Ganachery!



A showcase of hand-crafted chocolate, this shop debuted just two and a half weeks ago at The Landing in Disney Springs.

Referencing the Disney Parks Blog, they compare the little store to “an apothecary of another era”.  That description fits as mastermind and Disney pastry chef Stefan Riemer claims that “a chocolatier is similar to a scientist”.




Chef also states that the “… star of the show is a custom-made ganache – a luxurious, proprietary mixture of melted chocolate and cream.”



For us, the chocolate appears to be quite high-end – especially when one views the price!  This is appropriate, though, I guess.  After all, Chef Stefan boasts that The Ganachery sports “… the most beautiful product in the world”!



Are you a fan of top-shelf, designer chocolates?  Then, this is the place for you!  Another Disney Springs ‘home run’ – The Ganachery!

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