Way to Go! Let the Sun Shine in, Disney!

Good morning, everyone!  Hope all is well in your worlds!

So, we were driving North on World Drive the other day – heading towards the Magic Kingdom – and passed by an odd sight on the East side of the highway.


What is it, we wondered!  Oh, I had my suspicions, of course, but I inquired with a Cast Member friend of ours and confirmed that my guess was correct – Disney is building a solar farm!



Actually, this is “old” news, I discovered.  And, more accurately, it is Duke Energy that is building “the farm”!

First announced back in May – check out this Orlando Sentinel article – Duke Energy is building a facility near Epcot that will provide solar power to Walt Disney World.

According to their report, it’ll occupy 20 acres, include 48,000 solar panels, and be arranged in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head!

Anyway, work is in progress, as I can attest to with the above pictures taken while passing by on a monorail ride to the TTC!

Have a great day, my friends!  Here’s hoping the sun shines in on you!

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