Sushi, Chicken, Fries, and Pizza? What a “Splitting” Combination!

Or, should I say … “what a fitting combination”?  Good morning, my friends.  Welcome to Friday!

Mrs. All in WDW and I, when we drop by Disney Springs, just can’t resist Splitsville.  What an active, exciting, and fun atmosphere!  Stop in.  It’s a blast!

And, the food?  Well, as I’ve written so many times before, whether it’s sushi, chicken tenders, french fries, or pizza, it all just rocks!

Oh!  And, for full disclosure … the food you’re about to see was enjoyed on three separate visits to Mickey’s bowling alley.  Hey, we couldn’t eat all of this in one sitting … even if we wanted to!

Let’s begin where I have started so many times before.  Sushi!



Looks phenomenal, eh?  Splitsville has some of the very best sushi on Disney property.  Believe that!

Moving on, how would you like to try some chicken tenders and fries?




Yes, folks, those fries are as good as they look.  Crispy and delicious!

On a side note, I just love crinkle fries!  What is your favorite cut of fries?


Finally, we’d highly recommend Splitsville’s BBQ Chicken pizza.  Filling and delicious, it hits “the spot”!


Of course, you can’t pass on beverages.  If you’re a beer aficionado, they have a wide selection of choices on draft – all served in an icy-cold goblet.  Yum!



Splitsville!  It’s one of our favorite places.  Stop in!  Maybe it’ll become one of yours!

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