Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth! Visit The “Mouseketeer” Chocolatiers!

Sophisticated chocolates and expert chocolatiers!  That’s what Disney promises you’ll find when you visit The Ganachery in Disney Springs.  You desire chocolate?  This is the place to visit!

Mrs. All in WDW and I had dropped in once before … prompting me to post this “Photo Recon”.  At the time, however, we weren’t craving delectable designer chocolates.

Well, we corrected that omission a few weeks back.  Take a look!




Looks great, eh?  I have to admit, even though we’re not huge fans of sweets, we enjoyed this “cure for the common chocolate”.  At about $8.50, it was a bit pricey, but it was also quite delicious!

We selected an “ordinary” Milk Chocolate, but, great news, The Ganachery offers a “ton” of different flavors!  Check it out!


So, I wonder.  Which of these gourmet combinations would you choose to enjoy?

Take a quick scan through the menu, my friends, and let us know in the poll below!  Choose as many as THREE and “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth”!

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