Wow! The Love for Boma Continues [Polls]!

Phenomenal response, my friends!  Wow!  Not only has last Saturday’s tribute to Breakfast at Boma attracted a flabbergasting number of readers, your comments have poured in by the dozens!

So, when I said, take our word … Boma’s breakfast is the best buffet on all of Walt Disney World’s property, how did you respond?  Here’s a sample …

“Agreed.  Probably my favorite breakfast place at WDW.”  “Easily the best breakfast value in Disney.  “25 bucks is a great price.”

Or, “I have enjoyed their breakfast, I think twice now.  It is so awesome.  They have an amazing dinner buffet as well.  Boma is now one of my favorite buffets.  On each trip, I have to go to Boma now!”

And, “We’ve done Boma breakfast buffet twice.  There is so much variety!  Be sure to try the Jungle Juice and Kenyan Press-pot Coffee!”

How about, “I definitely agree, it’s our absolute favorite!”  “We love the food here.”  “I tried it for the first time in November, and loved it!  For $25, definitely the best buffet.”

Then, “Best buffet breakfast at WDW.”  “It is awesome.  We have eaten there for both breakfast and dinner.  I’m partial, though, as I have a very good Disney Cast Member friend that is a waiter there!”

Finally, “I love breakfast (and dinner) at Boma!!!”  “We have an ADR there on Tuesday morning!”  “This breakfast would serve as a great dinner.”

Stunning!  What an out-pouring of love!  You know, with the exception of the great crab legs at Beach Club’s Cape May Cafe, Mrs. All in WDW and I have always preferred Boma over any other Disney buffet.

Whether it be for their fabulous breakfast or their phenomenal dinner, Animal Kingdom Lodge’s festivals of food always tops our list of to-do’s.

How about you, folks?  Please take a few seconds to respond to the series of polls below.  In comparison to a spot like Polynesian’s ‘Ohana, we think that Boma is quite underappreciated.  What say you?

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