WDW Breakfast and Dinner Buffets? What Say You?!

Good morning, folks!  Happy Sunday!  Hey, I’d like to take a few minutes to pop back to last week’s mini-series of polls.

Wait.  You didn’t catch them?  Hah!  You still have a chance to weigh in with your opinions.  Let me tell you, if you’re a Boma – or a WDW buffet – fan, you’ll want to do just that!

Find the polls at:  Wow! The Love for Boma Continues!

So.  What say you?  Well, first off, whether for breakfast or dinner, the vast majority of you have been to Boma.  Well over 65%!  Of those of you that have been, you overwhelmingly prefer dinner.

To see a representation of Boma’s dinner buffet, go to:  Dining Recon: Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Boma!

Interestingly, those that have not yet visited for either of the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s festivals of food are most enticed by the prospect of dining on their breakfast.

To get another look at Boma’s breakfast buffet, re-visit: Breakfast at Boma! Take our Word! It’s the Best!

When I asked you to choose a breakfast buffet from among a wide variety of WDW options, your responses surprised me somewhat.  How so?

Maybe it was because we had already been focusing on Boma, but it was your #1 choice.  I can’t agree more!  Great minds think alike!

What shocked me, however, was that Tusker House finished in 2nd.  Honestly, I had expected venues like ‘Ohana, 1900 Park Fare, and Chef Mickey’s to register much better showings.  Hey!  They’re always packed!

I’ve been moaning about Disney turning Trattoria al Forno into a character breakfast for months now.  As empty-nesters, it’s not our “thing”.  Pleasantly, I’m thinking that most of you can feel my pain.  Why?

When it came to Disney characters, the vast majority of you reported that you can “take them or leave them”.  Some, like us, want to avoid them altogether!  Less than 20% called characters a “must have”.

Finally, I tossed you one head-to-head match-up that was of special interest to me.  Dinner buffets.  Boma v. ‘Ohana.

I’m pleased but a bit shocked.  Again, maybe the result is skewed by the fact that we featured Boma this week, but, of the two, you prefer Boma!  Well done!

Frankly, I’ve never been quite sure I understand the massive popularity of ‘Ohana.  Sure, the “show” is entertaining, but we haven’t always found the food quality to be Disney-level outstanding.

For me, though, this is the most important point … in comparison to Boma, ‘Ohana simply lacks options and variety.  We’d choose Boma first every time!

There you have it, my friends.  Now.  Let’s see those ‘Ohana ADRs get switched over to Boma.  Trust me.  You won’t be sorry!

Wow! The Love for Boma Continues [Polls]!

Phenomenal response, my friends!  Wow!  Not only has last Saturday’s tribute to Breakfast at Boma attracted a flabbergasting number of readers, your comments have poured in by the dozens!

So, when I said, take our word … Boma’s breakfast is the best buffet on all of Walt Disney World’s property, how did you respond?  Here’s a sample …

“Agreed.  Probably my favorite breakfast place at WDW.”  “Easily the best breakfast value in Disney.  “25 bucks is a great price.”

Or, “I have enjoyed their breakfast, I think twice now.  It is so awesome.  They have an amazing dinner buffet as well.  Boma is now one of my favorite buffets.  On each trip, I have to go to Boma now!”

And, “We’ve done Boma breakfast buffet twice.  There is so much variety!  Be sure to try the Jungle Juice and Kenyan Press-pot Coffee!”

How about, “I definitely agree, it’s our absolute favorite!”  “We love the food here.”  “I tried it for the first time in November, and loved it!  For $25, definitely the best buffet.”

Then, “Best buffet breakfast at WDW.”  “It is awesome.  We have eaten there for both breakfast and dinner.  I’m partial, though, as I have a very good Disney Cast Member friend that is a waiter there!”

Finally, “I love breakfast (and dinner) at Boma!!!”  “We have an ADR there on Tuesday morning!”  “This breakfast would serve as a great dinner.”

Stunning!  What an out-pouring of love!  You know, with the exception of the great crab legs at Beach Club’s Cape May Cafe, Mrs. All in WDW and I have always preferred Boma over any other Disney buffet.

Whether it be for their fabulous breakfast or their phenomenal dinner, Animal Kingdom Lodge’s festivals of food always tops our list of to-do’s.

How about you, folks?  Please take a few seconds to respond to the series of polls below.  In comparison to a spot like Polynesian’s ‘Ohana, we think that Boma is quite underappreciated.  What say you?

Breakfast at Boma! Take our Word [and TONS OF Photos]! It’s the Best!

Good morning, my friends!  How are you?  No April “fools” jokes coming from my way.  That’s just silly nonsense.  You know what isn’t “nonsense”, though?  Boma’s breakfast.  It’s got variety.  It’s unique.  It’s simply delicious!

Hey!  Boma sports more variety and originality than you can imagine, I tell you.  It’s one of the best breakfast buffet options on property.  I’m convinced of it!

Having said that, I have to be honest with you.  I’ve never found it easy to write posts about WDW’s buffets.  There’s just so much food!  There’s so much that can be said.  How can you possibly do them justice?

That being the case, I’ll let this avalanche of pictures tell the story.  Folks, take a close look at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Boma.  An utterly reasonable $25 (for adults) gets you a veritable feast!  Enjoy!

LOTS of seating and great decor!

Phenomenal open kitchen!

As we go on to the food, here are some of my very favorite breakfast items on property!

French Toast Bread Pudding with Pecan Praline Sauce!

Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Goat Cheese!

Served here with Corned Beef, they are BOTH delicious!

The “menu” includes carved meats.

There are plenty of breads and pastries.

Mrs. All in WDW was especially fond of the Smoked Salmon!

Of course, there is plenty of “standard” fare!

Pancakes, waffles, and biscuits!

The Corned Beef was worth a second helping!

Finally, shouldn’t everyone end breakfast with a Mickey Waffle?

Dining Recon: Cape May Cafe … presented by John Peters!

Almost every family that visits Walt Disney World more than once has their favorite restaurant.  It’s the place that is the first ADR that you make … the place that you will eat at even if your budget is really tight.

For our family, that place is Cape May Cafe.  Located in Disney’s Beach Club Resort, it offers a character breakfast buffet as well as a dinner seafood buffet.

Vintage Photo - circa 2008

Vintage Photo – circa 2008

This review will be of our most recent dinner.  It took place during our November trip and was on our twentieth wedding anniversary.  What better place to dine?

Cape May is centrally located in the Beach Club.  It’s a short walk from any of the Boardwalk area resorts and also only a short walk or quick boat ride from Epcot’s International Gateway.

We arrived for our 7:45 reservations around 7:30.  After a short wait, we were seated around 7:40.   A tip is to wait for a booth.  Sitting at a table in the middle of a buffet can get a bit tedious!

Cape May 8

Cape May 4

My wife makes no apologies.  She is here to eat crab legs!  My son tries the clams, mussels, and a couple of other items.  Then, he tackles the crab legs!  I, however, in my quest for dining diversity, try a bit of everything!

The menu usually consists of several cold salads, cold shrimp, a selection of cheeses, a couple of soups, steamed corn, potatoes, clams, mussels, Hand-carved Strip Loin, fried cod, Fried Clam Strips, and crab legs.

Cape May 3

Cape May 6

The salads were tasty but unremarkable.  The Chilled Peel-n-Eat Shrimp were done spot on and easy to peel.  I found the cheese board to be particularly good.  I made a couple of trips just to get cheese!

Cape May 9

The strip was done to a very nice medium and went very well with their horseradish sauce.  Note: they sometimes have prime rib!

Cape May 7

Their fried cod and clams were both good but nothing special.   The Steamed Mussels were really delicious.  They are served in a garlic tomato sauce described as a Tomato Sambuca Broth.

There are buckets on the buffet line, so you can make a steamer with clams, corn, and potatoes if you wish.  The main event, though, are those crab legs!

Cape May 1

Cape May 2

I’ve tried a couple of local buffets that advertise all-you-can-eat crab legs.  The crab legs served by those places are generally small and, for the most part, not done correctly.

Cape May has several steamers right in the middle of the buffet, ensuring fresh crab almost every time you head up to the table.  The legs are perfectly steamed and nicely sized.

Many, many, many, plates later, I did try several of Cape May’s desserts.  Their caramel flan with fresh berries and Boston cream pie are my favorites.  My son had at least eight servings of the flan!  He’s 17 and can get away with it!

Cape May 5

Assorted Desserts.

Cape May 10

Assorted Desserts.

There are a couple of other noteworthy things I’d like to add.  They do have a child’s buffet with pizza, Fried Cod Nuggets, and a couple of other items, for example.

There is butcher paper placed on your dining table, so you can use the crayons they give you to “decorate”!

I’m not a wine drinker, but I did notice a couple of custom mixed drinks.  As a beer guy, I usually take the chance, here, to get a couple of Sam Adams on draft.

This time, however, I took notice of an offering of beers I hadn’t tried before.  I ended up drinking two Session Black Lagers.  They were dark but balanced the crab legs very nicely.

In conclusion, folks, this is a seafood buffet.  If you don’t like fish or shellfish, don’t bother.  The roast, and a lot of the other non-seafood items, can be found on buffets more to your liking.

If you do like – or, love – seafood (particularly shellfish), however, by all means, put Cape May on your next ADR list!

A travel agent, and an Orlando native, John is the Florida correspondent for the WDW Main Street Podcast.  He’s a regular contributor to the show.  John can also be found as the co-host of The Weekly Pint Podcast.  Find him on Twitter @beersolo.