Enjoy a Ride on the Haunted Mansion … Presented By ResortTV1!

Routinely voted – by you! – as one of our very favorite Magic Kingdom attractions, the Haunted Mansion has been scaring Guests since Walt Disney World’s Opening Day – October 1, 1971!

News Alert: Our “Infamous” Favorite Attractions Polls Kick-Off in December!

Let’s see a show of hands … who, out there, makes it a point to experience this iconic ride on each and every visit to The World?  I thought so!  How about this … who misses the Mansion right this very minute?  Just as I expected!

Well, put your anxieties at ease, my friends.  Thanks to Josh and Jenna at ResortTV1, you can take a ride today!  In high quality audio and video, please enjoy the full experience by clicking on the picture below!

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