The WDW Fans’ Favorite Magic Kingdom “Land”!

Good morning, folks!  We talked about it on the WDW Main Street Podcast on Sunday, but the results are, now, final!

Your Favorite Magic Kingdom “Land” is – drum roll please – Tomorrowland!

Photo Jan 30, 11 02 14 AM

It was, by no means, unanimous, my friends.  Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Adventureland all laid claims to the “title”!

We’re consistent, I’ll say that much!  Back in 2013, I asked you to make the same choice.  It was the same result!

Of course, it leads me to ask … why Tomorrowland?  Is it Space Mountain?  TTA?  Buzz Lightyear?  Uh, Stitch?

For me, by comparison, the other lands have much more to offer.  Take Adventureland, for instance.  Pirates.  Jungle Cruise.  Frontierland boasts Big Thunder and Splash.

Fantasyland is relatively newly expanded and delivers Seven Dwarfs, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Be Our Guest Restaurant, and a host of other attractions!

So, I’m interested to hear your comments.  Why Tomorrowland?

I think we’d all agree that it is the Magic Kingdom “land” in most need of a refurb.  Yet, it seems to consistently be “all that”!

Leave us your comments @itsallinwdw on Twitter or on Facebook.  We’d love to know!

Snack Attack? Take a “Trip” out West? Favorite Magic Kingdom “Land”? Let’s See!

Good Saturday, folks!  How about a quick and simple POLL to start your weekend?  Let’s see a show of hands.  Who, here, loves Magic Kingdom?

Oh, OK.  Everybody loves Walt Disney World’s “flagship” park.  Well, let me ask you this … which one of the kingdom’s lands is your favorite?

Personally, I’m partial to the Wild, Wild West feel of Frontierland.  With a focus on a great snack venue – Westward Ho – check it out!





So, what’s our task for today?  Simple!  Grab a Frozen Lemonade Slushy at Westward and mosey over to the poll below.  What’s your favorite Magic Kingdom “Land”?!  VOTE!

Welcome to the Jungle … Again! Dining Recon: Skipper Canteen!

One of the things I usually recommend to fans looking to enjoy a visit to Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Sanaa is to keep an open mind.  Great food, for sure, but it’s not common, everyday fare.

Well, at the moment, I could say the very same thing about Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen!  Hey!  Be open to trying new things, my friends!

Photo Feb 06, 10 15 17 AM

Photo Feb 06, 10 15 09 AM

Photo Feb 06, 10 13 55 AM

Actually, recently reported news suggests that a lot of Guests find the canteen’s current menu to be quite intimidating.  The result?  An entirely new menu might be on its way.

I’ll be the first to admit that we found Skipper Canteen’s menu to be even more “off the beaten track” than that offered by Sanaa.  Should it be completely replaced, however?  Well, I guess that jury is still in deliberation.

Located in Adventureland, this particular skipper melds the bold and flavorful cuisines of Asia, South America, and Africa with the punny banter of Jungle Cruise’s talented riverboat pilots.  Wow!  How can that not be a good thing?

Is your palate ready for exotic flavors, though?  Yes?  Then, Skipper Canteen is the place to go!  No?  Then, please proceed to somewhere more tame – like Be Our Guest!

A month or so ago, Mrs. All in WDW and I dared to give this new slice of the Jungle Navigation Co. a chance!  Here’s what we had!

Photo Feb 06, 10 58 13 AM

Looks good, eh?  It’s Egyptian Celebration Bread with Honey.  It came with the meal, but, for us, it was just OK.  First of all, I’m not a big fan of honey.  Second of all, it left us craving butter!

For appetizers, Mrs. All in WDW ordered the skipper’s Sustainable Fish Collar.

Photo Feb 06, 11 11 36 AM

It was tender, but it was grouper.  In past posts, I’ve made my feelings about grouper very clear.  Much too strong of a tasting fish for me.

On the other hand, the warm slaw accompaniment – which was a green papaya salad that owned a little bit of a bite – was quite good.

For my starter, I chose the Falls Family Falafel.

Photo Feb 06, 11 11 23 AM

A recipe of chick peas, garlic, onions, lemon juice, and herbs served with white bean dip and tomato-cucumber salad, it was my first-ever sampling of falafel.  I enjoyed it.

For her entree, Mrs. All in WDW selected “A Lot At Steak” Salad.

Photo Feb 06, 11 44 12 AM

Simple, yes, but she loved it.  To be truthful, it could have had just a bit more marinated flank steak.  I guess that the word “lot” is a subjective term.

For my part, the Char Siu Pork caught my fancy.

Photo Feb 06, 11 44 23 AM

Marinated and served with rice and Chinese broccoli, its flavor was a good balance between ordinary and extra-ordinary.  In other words, it wasn’t too “out there” for my palate!

Did we enjoy our brief lunch in the jungle?  Absolutely.  As is, however, will we go out of our way to return?  Probably not.  Oh, Skipper Canteen’s theming and decor is phenomenal.

Photo Feb 06, 10 48 55 AM

Photo Feb 06, 10 53 16 AM

Photo Feb 06, 10 53 27 AM

Photo Feb 06, 10 53 55 AM

Photo Feb 06, 10 55 13 AM

Photo Feb 06, 12 05 05 PM

In the end, however, we tend to agree with, what appears to be, overwhelming Guest opinion.  Their menu does need to become more “mainstream”.

Conclusion … if you’re a huge fan of the Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise, as we are, this will be a great and successful restaurant to frequent … once the food becomes more appealing to the common palate!

Photo Feb 06, 10 19 45 AM

The Jungle Revealed! Trivia Answered!

Did you take a shot at answering yesterday’s trivia, my friends?  No?  Then, by all means, please stop back HERE to “test” your knowledge.  How well do you know the Jungle Cruise?

Did you know that one of the inspirations for this great attraction was the movie “The African Queen”?  Starring Humphrey Bogart – one of my personal favorite actors of all time – it is a great film!

Here’s one more nugget of trivia … Walt originally wanted live animals to line the banks of the Jungle Cruise’s rivers!  Can you imagine what the attraction would be like if that had been possible?


So, how did you do on yesterday’s trivia “test”.  Do you feel that you’re a Jungle expert?  Could you “skipper” the rest of us up and down the world’s rivers?  Let’s see!

Question #1:  “The queue for the Jungle Cruise takes place in the office of the fictional Jungle Navigation Co.

According to a sign in the queue, the company takes guests on riverboats which depart from the Adventureland Dock.  [In] the backstory, the Adventureland Dock is itself located on the Amazon River.”

That turned out to be a tough one, folks.  Only 17% of respondents got it right.  Sorry.  I didn’t mean to kick off the “quiz” with such a brain-buster!

Question #2:  Every boat on the Jungle Cruise has an individual name, but only one of them has ever sunk in the Magic Kingdom.  It sank in 2004, but it did return to service.  It was the Sankuru Sadie.

OK.  I confess.  I knew that this one would be hard.  Only 15% of those who answered chose Sadie.  Hey!  I can’t make them all easy.  We are “testing” our knowledge, aren’t we?

Question #3:  Which of these statements is FALSE?

1. The Schweitzer Falls marks the transition between the Nile and Mekong Rivers.
2. The Jungle Cruise has the lowest elevation of any attraction in the Magic Kingdom.
3. The squid from the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is discreetly hidden in the Jungle Cruise.
4. The attraction was ready and opened on the Magic Kingdom’s Opening Day on October 1, 1971.

47% of you knew that #3 was the false statement, of course.  Think of it, though.  How cool would it be if the squid from the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was discreetly hidden in the attraction’s midst?  Pretty cool.

I’ll tell you this … Walt originally wanted to use that squid as part of the cruise.  Great thinking, Walt!

Question #4:  The Winter holiday layover, “Jingle Cruise”, first-appeared in 2013.  48% got this one correct.

Yes, the holiday overlay (sign pictured above) first-appeared in 2013.  It has been back every year since.  We’ve gotten a chance to enjoy it a couple of times and highly recommend that you do, too, if you visit Mickey’s World at Christmas-time!