Disney’s “Super” Star Resorts Survive!

Wow!  What a relief!  I was more than a little bit nervous about adding that Holiday Inn option to yesterday’s poll.  Thankfully, it got less than 13% of your vote!

But, never fear, Disney!  Facebook “blew up” again!  Take note … your All-Stars do still have a place in our hearts!  See?

“I don’t mind the All-Stars at all.  I think they get a bad rap.”

“I was at Sports last week.  Although I prefer Pop, I would stay at Sports again.  [F]or the price point, while still getting Disney transportation and other extras, it’s perfect for some budgets/trips.”

More All Stars

“Sports is our resort of choice.  It is the one we have booked for all of our [recent] trips. We love it.”

“We love the All-Stars, we have been [to WDW] eight times in the last six years and stayed at All-Stars (all three of them) five of those times.”

“They might not be luxury, but they are nice if you have kids under teens.  They’ll always be good for us as long as the kids still love all the ‘magic’ of Disney!”

“I love the All-Stars!  It’s the only way I can visit WDW every year and stay on property.”

In the end, the sheer number of votes that you cast yesterday is testimony to the passion that you have for Disney’s properties.  The All-Stars earned over 87% of your support, too!  Well done!

And, who was yesterday’s big “winner”?  Well, early on in the voting, one loyal reader noted, “This will be interesting.  [Let’s] see if Movies really deserves the higher price tag than the others.”

Well, it must.  It absolutely dominated its competition!  In fact, Sports and Music, together, couldn’t equal Movies’ vote total.  I’ll re-use the word I started this post with … Wow!

What?! They’re Not Really “All-Stars”?

There was one small thing that shocked me – at least a little bit – about this past Sunday’s vote.  Maybe it surprised you, as well.  Looking at your comments, though, possibly not.

Disney’s All-Star resorts put forth a phenomenally poor showing!  In fact, combined, they earned less than 10% of your votes.  10%!  Combined!

Boy, WDW’s theme-packed trio of Values clearly didn’t live up to their “All Star” monicker, that’s for sure.

Hey!  Where is everybody?!

Hey!  Where IS everybody?!

It got me to thinking.  If you only had these three to choose from, which would it be?  Would it be any one of the three?  Hmmm.  It sounds like we need one more little poll!

“Pop” Goes a “Champion”! The Readers have Spoken!

Good Monday, my friends!  I would be negligent if I didn’t start off the day by thanking all of you.

Your comments during yesterday’s poll were phenomenal!  In fact, Facebook “blew up” with thoughtful “editorials”, “spot-on” critiques, and tons of heart-felt emotion.

If there’s one thing, other than attractions, that Disney fans are passionate about, it’s their favorite resorts.  Do you agree?  And, yesterday?  Well, we only scratched the surface!


In your own words, let’s see a small sample of what you think about yesterday’s candidates, the competition, as well as the, now, two-time All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Value Resort – Disney’s Pop Century!

“The only value I’ve stayed at was Art of Animation, and we loved it.”

“I don’t love the value resort theming, but we have stayed at POP twice recently.  [We] have had wonderful trips staying at POP.  It’s better than not going at all!”

“[W]hen I see the value hotels, that’s just what I would expect staying on property at WDW.  I love the theming.”

“We liked [POP’s] food court – for the variety of options – and the bus system.  We never had to wait very long.”

“My family will be staying at POP later this year.  My view on it is as long as it [has] got a bed and shower, then I’m good!”

“[S]taying at POP allows us to go more.  This week, this will be our 6th trip … to POP.  Food court is great.  Busses are great.”

POP is our favorite Value, by far.  Although the Quick Service is busy, the choices are so much better.”

Of course, not all your comments were filled with love and admiration.  Here’s your “counterpoint” …

“I literally would rather not go than stay at a Value resort ever again.”

“I can’t believe POP is winning by so much.  I hated that hotel.  It’s entirely too large.  The rooms are very small.  It was my first value and I swore them off forever because of it.”

“I really dislike POP.  Stayed once, and I know people who stayed and didn’t like it either.”

“It was loud.  They had music blaring from a loudspeaker at the pool until 11 PM.  Small hard beds, people randomly smoking everywhere, small rooms, people everywhere.”

“I don’t think I’d want to stay at a Value because I don’t like the loud colors, themes, or crowds.”

Wow!  Like I said … a lot of passion!  When it comes to resorts, we surely do love where we love, it seems.

Take it from me.  Given the chance, our family would pick Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort 100 times out of 100.  But, then, that’s a Moderate.  We’ll tackle those next weekend!

Until then, Disney’s Pop Century Resort “reigns” supreme!  It is the 2015 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Value Resort!

Value Resorts? We’ve Got YOUR Favorites Right Here! VOTE!

“Affordable comfort and convenience for families on the go.”  Or, so says Walt Disney World’s web site, that is.

In essence, that’s what this class of Disney resorts really delivers … incredible value!  Think about it … how much time do you actually spend in your room?

Not much, you say?  Well, if that’s the case, there’s a very strong argument for avoiding the expense of luxury to take advantage of a value’s savings and simplicity.

Disney's Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

It has been almost a year-and-a-half since we, the All in WDW community, have addressed Walt Disney World’s resorts.  I think it’s well past time for us to, once again, select our Favorites.

This week?  We’re going to take on the “Values”.  My friends, you know the drill.  I present a one-day, six-option, poll, below.  Your task is easy.  VOTE for your favorite!

And, before you ask, if you’ve never stayed at a Value, don’t abstain.  VOTE for which ONE of these resorts you would pick for your next trip!

Which will become the 2015 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Value Resort?!  You tell me!

Cheers, folks!  Have a great day!  VOTE!