The Captain Bids Us a Fond Farewell … While the Compass Entices Us with a Menu!

It had to happen sooner or later, didn’t it, folks?  The Yacht Club’s displaced Captain’s Grille – the undeniable Walt Disney World hidden gem that had taken up residence in Ariel’s at Disney’s Beach Club Resort – is now closed.

Before we move on, let’s take once last glimpse at this esteemed venue in one of its very last days of relocation …

Fortunately, we shot those pics on a visit that we made in late August.  We were paying our final respects, as it were.  Poor Captain.  You really were so under-appreciated.

When we were in WDW a few weeks ago, Mrs. All in WDW and I stopped over to Yacht Club to check on the status of the skipper’s soon-to-be-opened replacement – Ale & Compass Restaurant.  Alas, nothing but construction walls … still.

Frankly, I thought we had a chance to catch their Opening Day!  When we made the aforementioned visit to the Captain, two Cast Members told us that Ale could be open as early as the middle of October!

Maybe the Compass will open sometime later this month, but, in the meantime, their initial menus can be found on Disney’s web site.

Click here to view Ale’s dinner menu!

For those who are interested, no breakfast buffet is listed, by the way.  Doug Davis, for one, will be very disappointed.

For my part, Ale’s dinner menu confirmed my worst fears.  My friends, the Captain’s delicious Cabernet-braised Short Rib with Sweet Corn Risotto is history.

How incredibly sad.  Replaced by Smoked Short Ribs with Vegetable Mash, what was once the very best dish on Disney property is now nothing more than Entry #4 in All in WDW’s Hall of Fame.

That’s right.  This dish was that good!  It joins Maelstrom, Off Kilter, and Wishes in our personal annals of WDW history!  Yahoo!

Having said all of that, Ale’s menu is still quite interesting.  Chowder, savory pies, a clambake.  I’m sure it will all be very tasty.  Hey, even the short ribs sound enticing.  Maybe they’ll sub me in some risotto for that mash?

Frankly, even with that unique sweet corn risotto, a smoked dish just won’t be quite the same as the Captain’s cabernet-braised masterpiece.  I’ll still give it a chance, though!  I promise, I’ll have an open mind, and I’ll try it … at some point.

Meanwhile, let’s take one last look, shall we?  Behold, my former favorite Disney dish!  A new “Hall-of-Famer”, as it were.  Yes, everyone, in late August, I did get a chance to say farewell to it, as well.  Feast on this beast!

Join the Crew! Dining Recon: Crew’s Cup Lounge!

Mrs. All in WDW and I don’t visit the Crew’s Cup Lounge at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort often enough.  How about you?  Have you ever been there?



It’s a bit of a small place, to be honest.  Seating can be hard to snag!  If you’re looking for a quick mid-day escape from the hot, Florida sun, however, it’s a great spot.





One tip, though?  You might want to avoid it at dinner time.  The Cup gets quite busy when Guests are waiting for their tables at the attached Yachtsman Steakhouse!

Having said all that, do you want to know the thing I love the most about this great place?  Although the lounge sports its own little menu, you can order this …


True, you have to wait until the tail end of the afternoon – I was able to order mine a little before 5 PM or so – but you can reach over to the Captain’s Grille’s menu for a serving of this masterpiece!

Yes, on many occasions, I have unabashedly named the Captain’s Cabernet-braised Short Rib as the very best meal on all of Walt Disney World property.  Accompanied by Corn Risotto, Pan Jus Reduction, and Corn Cream, it is that good.

My friends, if you stop into the Crew’s Cup Lounge, Yachtsman Steakhouse, or Captain’s Grille, you’ll be pleased.  You can’t go wrong with Yacht Club dining!

Whether you’re staying at the resort or not, give their culinary establishments a chance.  You will not be disappointed!

Bangers, Beef, Chicken, or Fish?! What A Conundrum!

You know, after I published yesterday’s post, I got to thinking … what are my personal favorite WDW meals?

I mean, it’s very clear that I absolutely love the Captain’s Grille’s Cabernet-braised Short Rib with Creamy [Sweet Corn] Risotto.  As I mentioned, I order it every time we visit that little-known, under-appreciated restaurant!


Then, I started thinking about what other Disney creations I tend to order each time we visit the establishment at which they are offered.

Take Kona Cafe, for example.  Have you ever had their Pan-Asian Noodles with Chicken?  No?  Wok-seared yakisoba noodles.  Vegetables.  Chicken.  Yum!  Yes, I do order it every time!


How about Epcot’s Rose & Crown Dining Room?  Ever go there?  Thanks to WDW Main Street Podcast’s Doug Davis, this pub’s Bangers and Mash crash my list.


A few months ago, I wrote a piece entitled “The Three “Faces” of Disney’s Butter Chicken!”  I penned that post with very good reason.  Sanaa’s Butter Chicken is phenomenal.  I can’t get enough of it!

Photo Sep 23, 6 27 28 PM

Hop on a bus and take a short ride over to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, my friends.  Simply the best burger on property, Laguna Bar’s aptly-named Laguna Burger deserves two pics!


The sweet potato fries are a special order, I’m afraid.  Sadly, they’re not always available.  Just ask!


But, Bob, it’s just a burger!  Folks, it is that good.  It’s the way in which the patty, itself, is seasoned that makes it so tasty.  Don’t believe me?  Then, please stop by and judge it for yourself!

On this next point, my son and I agree to disagree.  I think he still prefers California Grill, but I’ll say it anyway … Splitsville serves the best sushi in Walt Disney World!


Oh, OK.  Maybe that is a bit of an extreme declaration.  I’ll tell you one thing … this Volcano Roll, as well as most every other roll this bowling alley makes, is outstanding.  It’s my “go to” order!

Here’s another morsel that I just have to toss into the mix.  Mrs. All in WDW and I find this dish – a small salad of sorts – to be a light and refreshing little “snack”.  Arugula.  Hummus.


Served at Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill at the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, this Seared Tuna is one of the few dishes I’ve replicated at home!  Absolutely delicious!

So, what do you think, folks.  My list could go on and on, but what are your favorite WDW meals?  Which dishes do you have each and every time you visit Mickey’s world?

Please leave a comment and let us know.  Meanwhile, which of my favorites would you choose?

Braised Beef Short Rib Alert! Dining With The Captain!

As often as Mrs. All in WDW and I find new things to do in WDW – and we do with each and every trip – we also tend to gravitate back to family favorites.

Take the Yacht Club’s Captain’s Grille, for example.  Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we love this not-well-known and under-appreciated Table Service restaurant.


Why?  Well, for one, we can almost always get a seat!  Oh, in busy times, ADRs are still a good idea, but we often just walk right in!

Of course, there’s an even more important reason to dine at “the Captain’s table” …


Over the last few years, when asked, I have been very vocal that this spot’s Cabernet-braised Short Rib with Creamy [Sweet Corn] Risotto is my absolute favorite meal on Disney property.

The beef is “fall apart” tender.  The risotto is divine.  I have to confess … each and every time we visit the Captain, I order this meal.  If he ever took it off his menu, I’d be devastated!

Of course, the Captain has plenty of other dinner options to choose from among …


On this particular visit, for instance, Mrs. All in WDW was enticed by the restaurant’s Market Fish.  A perfectly-cooked piece of corvina over a Portuguese stew, she found it simply delicious.


My friends, I think it’s pretty obvious.  My family would highly recommend to your family that you visit the Captain.  Add him to your future list of ADRs.

In fact, follow this plan … start your experience with another of my all-time favorites – a Disney Habanero Lime Margarita.


Then, finish with the most delicious, fork-tender piece of braised beef you’ll ever eat.  You won’t be sorry!  Bon appetit, my friends.  I’ll se ya’ tomorrow!