Tour the Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts! Catch All in WDW “LIVE” on Resort TV1!

Good morning, folks!  Start your Monday off with a great big taste of Walt Disney World!  Catch All in WDW “Live” on Resort TV 1!

You heard Josh and Jenna join Doug Davis and I in the WDW Main Street Pub for a great Q&A session.  Now, catch Mrs. All in WDW and I as we join them for quick Live video tours through both the Contemporary and Polynesian Village Resorts!

Catch Josh and Jenna in the WDW Main Street Pub at this link!

What gifts did we give them as they arrived at the Contemporary?  Mrs. All in WDW shared one of her very favorite Disney desserts with them … what was it, and why was it free?  We enjoyed some Dole Whip … did I listen to Doug and order a “swirl”?

Check out our Contemporary “tour” on the YouTube stream below.  We appear 1 1/2 hours in at about the 1:36:40 mark!

Resort TV1 at the Magic Kingdom and Contemporary!

Then, we continue our journey with a night-time ride on a monorail, a leisurely walk through the Poly’s beautiful lobby, and a delicious Dole Whip.  We appear throughout this video below!

Resort TV1 at the Polynesian Village Resort!

The “World’s” Best Frittata? How … Contemporary!

I have to admit it, folks.  Our last visit to the Contemporary Resort’s Contempo Café yielded one of the very best Quick Service breakfasts I’ve ever had.

Eggs, ham and cheddar served with a slice of whole-grain toast, simple as it was, their Ham and Cheese Frittata was fantastic!

It was the perfect blend of eggs, cheese, and little bits of ham, my friends.  I had planned on using some Tabasco, but it tasted too good as it was!

I’ve never been that big of a Quick Service breakfast fan, I have to say.  Having had this morsel, however, I’d be willing to change my mind.  Great work, Contempo.  We’ll be back!

It’s a “Contemporary” Situation!

Sometime back, I mentioned that Mrs. All in WDW and I have become quite enamored with the Contemporary Resort’s Outer Rim lounge.

We really enjoy spending bits of time sitting, relaxing, and taking in the Contemporary’s exciting ambiance.  You know, the monorail cruising through the resort, for example?

Oh, it doesn’t end there.  Have you seen the breathtaking views of Bay Lake?  My friends, it’s even fun to witness the crowds of people standing in line for their ADRs at Chef Mickey’s!

Of course, the Outer Rim isn’t perfect.

What is its one failing – even by the staff’s own admission?  It doesn’t currently offer a food menu!  However … that might be a ‘temporary’ situation!  We’ll see!

In the meantime, never fear.  “Snacks” are near!  In fact, if you want anything at all to eat, all you have to do is visit the Contempo Cafe.  It’s right across the “street”!


And, that, folks, brings me to today’s “delicacy”.  Witness the Cafe’s Smoked Pulled Pork Flatbread!


Barbecue sauce, Monterey jack cheese, house-smoked pulled pork … all topped with a vegetable coleslaw?  $11.49 and perfect for sharing!

My friends, have you taken a trip to the … Outer Rim?  It’s a great place to warp in for a visit.  The bartenders are friendly and fantastic.  The food?  Well, it’s fabulous too!

Packed with Peanut Butter? Oh, Yeah!!

Good Saturday, my friends!  Welcome to the weekend!  And, welcome back to All in WDW!

My Food & Wine coverage might be, more or less, done for 2016, but you know me.  Food coverage never ends!  Found deep in the heart of Disney’s Contemporary Resort …


… you’ll find the Contempo Cafe.  It’s a great Counter Service spot, folks!  Great scenery too!  How so?  Well, just stick around a few minutes and watch that monorail “sail” by as you’re eating your meal.


Recently, Mrs. All in WDW and I stumbled upon a fabulous dessert.  Vanilla tart shell with vanilla cream?  Peanut butter cream cheese filling?  Chocolate ganache?  Let’s do it!



It … was … phenomenal!  We shared it, of course, but we highly recommend this delicious creation.  Peanut Butter Pie?  Great job, Contempo!

Menu “Recon”: Contempo Café

One of All in WDW’s readers recently asked me, “Bob, do you eat at every place you publish?”  Uh, the answer to that is, unequivocally, no.  I couldn’t really justify the expense … or eat that much food!

You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that sometimes I merely post a menu.  Maybe I’ll even add a couple of shots displaying an eatery’s setting, theming, and decor.  If I do just that, then we haven’t taken the time to stop and eat.

It could be that we’ve just dined elsewhere.  It could be that we’re passing by, for example, at breakfast and we’re saving room for the lunch that we plan to have a few hours hence.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t mean that the location’s food isn’t good.  It just means that we’ll have to stop back sometime in the future.  My goal is to present the restaurant to you … whether or not I add pictures of their cuisine.

Deep in the heart of Disney’s iconic Contemporary Resort …




… you’ll find their Quick Service option – Contempo Cafe!


Contempo Cafe is one of the places at which the All in WDW family has never dined, I have to admit.  It just never seemed to be the right place or the right time.  Having said that, it’s on our list for a future visit.

The best way to describe Contempo, from my perspective is ‘standard Disney fare’.  Having said that, it is a popular spot, and it sports an intriguing breakfast menu.  Have a look!


What about you?  Have you been to the Contempo Cafe?  What are its highlights?  What are your concerns?  Let us all know!