Head Over to Animal Kingdom’s Dawa Bar! It Features Beersolo’s WDW Beer of the Month!

Presented by John Peters (a.k.a. @beersolo on Twitter).

One of my favorite spots in Animal Kingdom is the Dawa Bar.  Go figure!  It’s a great place to grab a cold beer and enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa!

Dawa has a nice selection of brews … including both American as well as African beers.  On a recent trip, I was aiming to grab my regular – an Ethiopian light lager called St. George Lager.

Unfortunately, that particular brew was sold out.  What did I do?  I “settled” for Victory Brewing Company’s Golden Monkey.  Sometimes you find the best things by accident!

Brewed in Pennsylvania, at 9.5% alcohol, it packs quite a punch!  At Dawa, the beer is poured from a bottle – it’s not on draft.

The taste?  It’s a Belgian-style Trippel Ale and starts out with a slight banana aroma.

You can also taste nutmeg, clove, and some other fruit flavors as you enjoy the beer. All in all, Golden Monkey is a very, very good beer, everyone!

Next time you’re at Animal Kingdom, stop at Dawa Bar.  If they don’t have your favorite refreshment, don’t despair!  You can find this great beer!

Beverage Recon: “Breakfast” at Dawa Bar

Good morning, Walt Disney World fans!  Happy Saturday!

You know, until recently, I wasn’t all that big of a Bloody Mary fan.  That’s an odd statement to start a Disney-related post off with, I know.

You see, I do like to enjoy a vodka martini now and then, but how did I use to react if someone added “tomato juice” into the mix?  Yuck!

Then, we had “breakfast” at Dawa Bar.  Hah!  Right about now, you’re thinking … “Breakfast”?!  When did Dawa start serving breakfast?



If you’re familiar with this “hang out”, then you know that it’s a very small bar that attaches to the outside of Animal Kingdom’s “meat feast” – Tusker House.

Dawa is a great place to wait for your seat at Tusker.  As we found out, it’s also an excellent place to escape the cold on an early Spring day.

What?!  How can that be, Bob?  Look at your own picture!  You can plainly see that Dawa is an outdoor bar!

Well, there’s where “breakfast” comes in … er, a liquid “breakfast.  Yes, Mrs. All in WDW and I – fresh off an ice-cold ride on Kilimanjaro Safari – needed a bit of “antifreeze”!

What did we find at Dawa Bar?  A smorgasbord of Bloody Marys, of course!  Take a look!


We ordered the African Bloody Mary …


I mean, really.  Who can pass on a drink garnished with a huge slice of crispy candied Nueske’s bacon?

We also bought a Dawa Bloody Mary.  I was enticed by both its cheese-stuffed olive as well as its prosciutto.


Both drinks were delicious, but we, by far, preferred – and would highly recommend – the African Bloody Mary.

So.  Did Dawa convince me to become a Bloody Mary fan?  Um, yes, in fact, it did!  Especially if those cocktails are mixed and served in the place “Where Dreams Come True”!

See you later, folks!


Beverage Recon: Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Dawa Bar

What better way to enjoy a hot, Disney day in the Animal Kingdom than to stop for a few minutes, take a load off your tired, over-walked feet, and sip a cold beverage?

What better place than Dawa Bar?


Attached to Tusker House Restaurant, and loitering around in the neighborhood of the recently-relocated Festival of the Lion King, it is one great outdoor “watering hole”.

Unfortunately, it boasts a sparse seating area.


But, even though the establishment is usually pretty busy, there’s often a seat to claim at the bar, itself.




If there’s one drawback to this little gem of a spot, though, it’s a lack of food options.  Often relegated to being Tusker House’s “waiting room”, you have to search elsewhere for a snack.

Such as …



Mere footsteps away from Dawa, Harambe Fruit Market is littered with … well, fruit.  But, they also have …


Pretzels!  Mickey Pretzels and Jalapeño Cheese Pretzels!  Mmmm.  They’re absolutely perfect when combined with the “star” of today’s “show”.  Ahhhh.


Cheers, everyone!