Our Weekly News! Does it ALL End in Controversy? [Poll]

Howdy, folks!  Welcome to Monday.  Yahoo!  Said with all sorts of sarcasm, of course.  Nevertheless, I hope your weeks go very well.

The latest episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast dropped last night, my friends, and I want to invite you to join Doug, Dennis, special guest Judith Lee of WDW Fan Zone, and myself in the Main Street Pub.

What did we discuss?  D23, of course!  What do we think about the information pouring out of Anaheim?  Well, you’ll have to listen to the show to find out.

WDW Main Street – Episode #377 – D23 Expo 2017 & Our Weekly News!

Oh, by the way, what’s all this “noise” about controversy?  What in the middle of all this wonderful news could have possibly lit up a heated debate between the members of the pub “crew”?

Of all things, the demise of Ellen’s Energy Adventure caused quite a stir!  The Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to Epcot, everyone, and Ellen is getting evicted!

So, what’s the big deal with all of that?  Doug and Dennis are forlorn.  I am overjoyed!  Honestly, no offense to Ellen, but that ride is (was) a clear “one and done”.

Then, the discussion morphed into a debate over which attraction holds much more redeeming value – Ellen or Living with the Land.  They say, ‘Ellen’.  I say, ‘Land’.  What say you?  Let us know in the poll below!

The Peters Family “Invades” Pandora – The World of Avatar!

Have you made it to Pandora, folks?  I know there aren’t many of us out there, as yet, but, if you’ve been able to “invade” Pandora, yourselves, please pass on your comments and thoughts!  We want to hear what you think!

In the meantime, take a few minutes to listen to John Peters as he joins Doug Davis and Dennis Conroy at the WDW Main Street Pub to describe his own foray into the Animal Kingdom’s new land.

He’s the first of our group to visit this remarkable feat of Disney imagineering.  Will he like Avatar Flight of Passage?  How lifelike are the animatronics on the Na’vi River Journey?

To find out that and much more, listen to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #367 – Peters in Pandora!

Our Weekly News … A Double Dose?! You bet!

Good day, everyone!  Now that we’ve made it to mid-week, let’s cheer ourselves up a bit.  Folks, let’s reach out to one of the most profound voices in recent memory.  Let’s grab a dose of energy!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Thank you, Walt Disney!  There.  Now, that little gem of inspiration should help us get to Friday.  Don’t you agree?

Get your news here, folks!  Get all your Walt Disney World news here!  While I’ve been tied up hopping all over the country, the WDW Main Street crew has been very busy!

How so?  Well, check it out!  Two – count ’em – two episodes of news hit the airwaves while I was ‘off the grid’!

WDW Main Street – Episode #366 – Our Weekly News!

WDW Main Street – Episode #368 – Our Weekly News!

Step into the Main Street Pub, my friends, and enjoy the banter!  I have to give you a “head’s up”, though.  Disney parking might be on the agendas.  You know what that means!  Brace for [Doug’s?] ranting!

Underrated WDW Restaurants? Here’s Our Take!

Like I said yesterday, the WDW Main Street crew recorded a phenomenal show a few weeks back called …

Episode #361 – Underrated and Overrated Restaurants!

Please go back and listen.  They did a great job and stirred up a lot of conversation!

Of course, I felt the need to weigh in with our opinions, so, in my last post, I covered our overrated spots.  Take a look back.

Same as the Main Street boys, I ruffled quite a few feathers!  Hey!  There are a lot of Raglan Road and ‘Ohana fans out there!

Now that I’ve stirred you up with our “critiques”, however, let’s go to a more positive place.  Let’s talk Underrated WDW Restaurants!

Captain’s Grille –

I have to start here.  Why?  Well, I’ve said it over and over … the Captain serves my very favorite dish on property – Cabernet-braised Short Rib with Sweet Corn Risotto.

Look at it!  It’s as good as anything on property, folks!  Trust me!

Due to refurbishments, Captain’s Grille has been relocated, until this Fall, to a temporary home in Ariel’s at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.  Great news, though, everyone.  The short rib is on the menu!

Whispering Canyon –

On the show, the guys talked about Walt Disney World BBQ, but I didn’t hear reference to this wonderful feast!  Much better than ‘Ohana, by the way.

Mrs. All in WDW and I have visited “the canyon” countless times over the last few years.  It’s very good!

Look.  We don’t profess to be BBQ experts, but I have to say … this feast is as good as any BBQ we’ve had.  Fall off the bone ribs.  Tender pork.  Great smoked sausage.  Worth a visit!

Splitsville –

I know.  I know.  A bowling alley?  I’ve written about Splitsville many times since it opened.  I swear the sushi is the best I have ever had on property.

Splitsville’s Volcano Roll is exceptional!

In fact, whether it’s sushi, a burger, or a pizza, this up-scale alley serves it all.  And, it’s all delicious!

Kona Cafe –

Mrs. All in WDW summarized it best … “I didn’t like Kona in the beginning. But, now, I’m happy to go there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.”

For my part, I’d much rather have a more peaceful, enjoyable experience choosing from amongst the variety of items on Kona’s menu …

Their Pan-Asian Noodles with Chicken is phenomenal!

… as opposed to enduring the crushing throng that descends on ‘Ohana twice a day.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant –

This’ll make Doug Davis smile.  We really enjoy the Animal Kingdom’s Yak & Yeti.  Yes, Doug.  You did steer us right once again!

We highly recommend the Yeti’s Firecracker Shrimp as well as …

… their delicious Fried Wontons!

For both appetizers and meals, we’ve found this spot to be a great place for Mrs. All in WDW and I to take a quick break … or to meet up with friends!

That’s it!  These five venues are our Most Underrated WDW Restaurants!  What do you think?

Hey!  How about you?  What are your Overrated and Underrated WDW dining establishments?  Keep the conversation going, and let us all know!

Overrated WDW Restaurants? Here’s Our Take!

The WDW Main Street crew recorded a phenomenal show a few weeks back called …

Episode #361 – Underrated and Overrated Restaurants!

Did you catch it?  No?  Please go back and have a listen.  Boy, did they stir up some controversy!

Of course, I’ll have to add my two cents, no?  Actually, I have to add both mine and Mrs. All in WDW’s opinions!

So, what was the objective?  Well, of all of Walt Disney World’s dining establishments which ones do we feel are Overrated and Underrated?

Where do I start?  I’ll follow Doug, Dennis, and John’s lead and get our slice of “controversy” out of the way first.  In so doing, let’s begin with the Overrated …

Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant –

Yes, folks.  Raglan Road.  I’m sorry.  I’m sure the experience (entertainment and food) is great, but we just don’t get it.

On our only visit, we couldn’t even snag a server to wait on us!  Not a great first impression, Raglan.

The place is always insanely crowded, but we’d much rather visit Rose & Crown Dining Room.

Yachtsman Steakhouse –

We agree with Doug Davis on this one.  There are much better steaks to be had!

Yachtsman is a spot where we’ve dined just once.  Why, you ask?  Our experience was merely ‘meh’.

Of course, it has tough competition when it comes to our palates – both on property (Shula’s Steak House) and off (New York Prime in Atlanta).

Le Cellier Steakhouse –

We’ve been to Le Cellier quite a few more times than we have to Yachtsman, but our feelings are the same.  We’d rather visit Shula’s.

Columbia Harbour House –

Sorry, Doug.  And, everybody else, I guess.  I have four words to describe our feelings about Columbia … Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

Mrs. All in WDW and I don’t indulge in delights like Fish and Chips all that much, but when we do, we want it to be good.

Harbour House’s version reminds me of a serving of Gorton’s …

Columbia’s Fish and Chips

Yorkshire’s, on the other hand, is fabulous, flaky, crispy, and delicious …

Yorkshire’s Fish and Chips

Yes, we know that Columbia serves much more than Fish and Chips.  To be honest, however, we’ve tried some of those items as well.  We weren’t impressed.

If we were going to Counter Service dine in the Magic Kingdom (which we don’t do very often), we’d be more likely to stick with Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe.

‘Ohana –

We’ve got your back, John Peters.  Most overrated meat buffet in Walt Disney World.  The last time we experienced ‘Ohana, the meat was way past overdone.

I’ve said it many times in the past, but we’d much rather visit Boma.  There’s more variety, and the food tastes “fresher”.

In fact, should we want to enjoy a festival of skewered meats, we’d just as soon visit a Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse – more variety and much better food.

There, you have it, folks.  Our overrated spots.  Let me have it!  Where are we wrong?  Why are we wrong?  We’ll be back tomorrow with our Most Underrated WDW Restaurants!