Dining Recon: ESPN Club

Good Friday, folks!  I’m going to go ahead and say it … the BoardWalk’s ESPN Club is one of the most underrated dining spots on Disney property!

Hey!  After two recent visits, we feel that it is, at least.  Oh, sure, it is the epitome of a sports bar … boasting your typical “game day” fare.

Having said that, ESPN’s menu is also filled with options you won’t necessarily find at your average everyday tailgate party!

Take a look at the menu, my friends.  Take a look at the food!  Delish!  Such as their Chilled Tuna Nicoise Salad.  I certainly enjoyed that.  Quite light and refreshing, actually!  Mrs. All in WDW loved it, as well.

Meanwhile, on a second visit, Mrs. All in WDW and I shared a plate of Wings as an appetizer.  We asked for Medium sauce on the side.  Quite crispy and tasty.

Then, we finished by splitting a “branded” Old World Bavarian Burger.  As burgers go, it was just so-so … kind of ordinary.  But, of course, we’re talking “bar food”!

Whether it’s to watch a game or grab a respite from the Florida heat and humidity, give “The Club” a try, my friends.  You might just find it becoming one of your family favorites!

It’s YOUR Turn to Engage in “Menu Battles”!

Hello, everyone!  Let me take you back a few weeks.  Did you ever get a chance to listen to WDW Main Street’s Episode #397 entitled “Menu Battles!”?  No?  Catch it here …

Episode #397 – Menu Battles!

What in ‘The World’ are “menu battles”, you ask?  Well, it’s pretty simple, actually … two menus “enter”.  Only one can survive!  Hah!

On the show, John Peters and I were on the “hot seat” as four anonymous WDW Table Services stepped up to compete in two separate confrontations.  Now, it’s your turn to participate!

So, what’s your job today?  It’s really easy!  All you need to do is peruse through a few menus and, then, VOTE, of course!

Having said that, our four “competitors” can’t be anonymous for you, now, can they?  Therefore, let’s introduce which two restaurants sauntered into the “arena” first!

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

50’s Prime Time Café

Click the names, above, to access their dinner menus, my friends.  From top-to-bottom, which of these two menus do you find to be more enticing?  Be objective, folks!


Great!  Let’s move to the second skirmish.  How about these two Signature gems?

Todd English’s bluezoo

Flying Fish

Same drill … click on the name of the Table Service.  Which of these menus catch your fancy?  Given their offerings, where are you more likely to go?


Finally, let’s let them all engage in a “four-way free-for-all”!  Call this vote a popularity competition!  Menus set aside for a minute, which of these four is most likely to host your next ADR?


Great work, all!  We’ll be back in a few days with the results.  In the meantime, after carving through all of those appetizers, entrees, and desserts, I’m hungry!  Let’s eat!

Which Four WDW Table Services Engage in “Menu Battles”? Check it out!

“Menu battles”?  Huh?  Bob, what in The World are “menu battles”?  Um, great question, my friends.  There is only one way to discover the answer to that quite perplexing question!

Join Doug, John, and I at the Main Street Pub as we engage in a little game of “menu battles”!  John and I are on the “hot seat” as four anonymous WDW Table Services step up to compete!

Will we guess which restaurants are offering up their menus?  Which spots will win their match-ups?  We think you’ll be quite surprised by the results!  Check it out at …

Episode #397 – Menu Battles!

Flashback Photo of the Day: Zeppoli from Trattoria al Forno

Does an almond sugar-coated fried dough delicacy served with dipping sauces sound delicious?  Visit Trattoria al Forno for dinner!  A $7 dessert, their Zeppoli are fantastic!

Oh!  And, before we devour the delectable morsels below, don’t you want to know the results of this past Sunday’s Food & Wine poll?  Of course, you do!

What four additional items made their way to your final pre-festival menu?  Here they are!

  • Smoked Beef Brisket and Pimento Cheese – Hops & Barley
  • Crispy Chicken with Griddled Cornbread – Farm Fresh
  • Seared Shrimp and Scallop Cake – Thailand
  • Crispy Pork Belly – Brazil