Disney’s Busiest Waterway? Sassagoula Dreamin’!

Ahoy, folks!  This nautical tribute is dedicated to the biggest Sassagoula fan that I personally know – Skipper Doug Davis!

An unadulterated Sassagoula River Cruise captain “wanna-be”, the host of WDW Main Street’s podcast is definitely a fan.

Actually, when Mrs. All in WDW and I last visited “The World”, I sent Doug a video or two of his beloved river boats.  Oh.  Not to “rub it in”, mind you.  I just wanted to give him a glimpse of “home”!

Having said that, before we proceed to the “meat” of this salute, I’d like to make one small observation.  The Sassagoula River is one busy waterway!

It took a stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort for me to really see, and appreciate, it.  Those boats motor up and down the river nonstop!

So, in that spirit, please take a few minutes to check out the “traffic”, my friends.

From our room’s balcony as well as “live” on a private (there was no one else on the boat!) ride to Port Orleans, here are Doug’s beloved boats!  Enjoy!





Running(?) All Over Walt Disney World!

Wow!  Between Disney Springs and Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, I certainly have been running us all over Walt Disney World the last few weeks!  I need a rest!

Actually, let’s stop to breathe for a few minutes and review this week’s poll results, OK?  On Monday, we tackled pizza.  Yum.  Are you as big of a pizza fan as me?

Well, we visited the BoardWalk Pizza Window.  About 56% of you have tasted their cuisine, and the vast majority rank it as a 3 or 4 on a scale from 1 to 5.  That’s above average, at least!

When pressed, you’d prefer to sample either their Pepperoni or Signature pizza!  It was too close to call, really.  The poll is still open, my friends.  Click back to this link to register your opinions!

Yesterday, we bounced over to Disney Springs to enjoy Walt Disney World’s newest creperie – AristoCrêpes!  After perusing a menu that provides both savory and sweet options, we made our selections!

Talk about split decisions!  On the savory side, the results were, more or less, dead even!  I hear good things about their Beef Crepe.  The voters slightly preferred the Turkey Crepe.

For our sweet tooth, the results were spread across the board, as well.  Everything but strawberry seems to catch your fancy.  This poll is still open, too, folks.  Access it here!

As much as you see me cover the best of Disney’s food and drink, Mrs. All in WDW and I also focus a good portion of our visits on exercise.

Daily walks about property are our preferred physical activity, and, whether it be through the parks or around the resorts, options for enjoyable, relaxing, scenic strolls are plentiful.

I have begun to compile my own favorite “courses” through property, and I thought I’d share the detail.  Behold, the beginning of my collection of “maps”!  Not exhaustive, but quite useful.  Enjoy … and get walking!

Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake

Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Resort

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Grand Floridian)

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Grand Floridian)

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Polynesian)

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Polynesian)

Old Key West

Old Key West

Coronado Springs

Coronado Springs

Dining Recon: Breakfast at Olivia’s

I’m on my way back to Disney Springs, folks.  I really am.  Having said that, welcome to Disney’s Old Key West Resort!

A great place, it’s home to one of our favorite spots – the Gurgling Suitcase!  The suitcase is a great indoor (while you feel like you’re outdoors) watering hole.  Take a look here!

But, today isn’t about Disney bars.  It’s about delicious breakfasts!  It’s also about a little-known and under-appreciated restaurant.  My friends, meet Olivia’s!

After a morning walk through Disney Springs, Mrs. All in WDW and I found ourselves hungry for breakfast.  Desiring a relaxing sit-down experience, we found ourselves visiting Olivia.




Olivia’s is a very welcoming locale with great nautical decor!




Headlined by a phenomenal Loaded Key West Bloody Mary, their menu is loaded with options!



Wow! That really IS loaded!

Mrs. All in WDW enjoyed her choice.  One of Olivia’s delicious omelets.  Basically, it was the Monroe Egg White Omelet but with whole eggs and without cheese.


I was enticed by, what I felt was, a much more unique dish … Crab Cake Eggs Benedict.  Mmmm.  Did someone say “crab cake”?


I don’t think it was the best breakfast I’ve ever had – Trattoria al Forno still owns that honor – but it was very good.  Definitely not your ‘run of the mill’ preparation, it’s worth having at least once.

My friends, Olivia’s is, pretty much, a well-kept secret.  But, then, Disney’s Old Key West Resort is under-appreciated as well.

If you find yourself out and about and in need of a meal, pay a visit to Olivia.  She does a great job!  We should keep her in mind!

Quick Service “Recon”: Good’s Food to Go

Located at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, Good’s Food to Go is a handy little quick service counter.



It offers a simple and straightforward menu …


Good’s is located in close proximity to the pool …



… and boat dock.


Plenty of seating is available.


If you’re in the neighborhood, or enjoying a refreshment at Old Key’s Gurgling Suitcase bar, try Good’s!  It’s … well, it’s “good”!