2012 Food & Wine Top 25 – #1 to 5

I know. I took forever to get back to Food & Wine. It’s not because I didn’t want to finish my Top 25. That darn Deluxe Resort poll was just so popular that the F&W recap seemed a bit trivial. Nonetheless, it’s time to finish talking about 2012’s festival. Let’s hit the best. Let’s hit the Top 5!

#5 – Shrimp Taco (Mexico)

Pre-Festival: #12

Change: +7

Three of my Top 5 jumped out of no where to surprise me, and the first was Mexico’s shrimp tacos. I had thought that Mexico’s filet tacos would rule, but shrimp knocked beef out of the park! This is one that my wife and I have talked about making on our own. A little guacamole, some spicy sauce (we use Frank’s Red Hot mixed in some mayo to make a quick and tasty spicy sauce), red cabbage, and blackened (not fried) shrimp and we’d be on our way! The flavors and textures were phenomenal. I had this one three times and hope that it returns in 2013.

Shrimp Tacos

Next, we’ll go ahead and jump on a jet. ‘Cause, I want some …

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2012 Food & Wine Top 25 – #6 to 15

Let’s do some F&W “catch up”! I know, if I don’t get this done soon, it’ll be time for Food & Wine 2013. By the way, today is 300 days until that fine event should start. Bring on the pork sliders!

#15 – Seared Filet of Beef (South Africa)

Pre-Festival: #3

Change: -12

In 2011, South Africa’s filet finished in 2nd on my list. That didn’t surprise me. It was the only filet in the festival, and I love filet. This year, however, like Japan’s Sukiyaki Beef Pan, it was a huge disappointment. Neither my wife nor I liked it.

Frankly, it had two things going against it. First, it never had a chance with Le Cellier’s filet in the festival as a comparison. Second, it was dry, dry, dry. I’m sure it was just a bad serving, but we were disappointed nonetheless.

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2012 Food & Wine Top 25 – #16 to 20

Good news. Lots of pictures with this edition of my re-cap. One of the questions I was asked was, ‘Why don’t you have pictures with every dish’? Easy answer – I was so anxious to eat that I forgot to get out the camera. Whoops.

As we start moving towards the middle of the 2012 F&W Top 25 list as we head back to Morocco.

#20 – Merguez Sausage (Morocco)

Pre-Festival: #17

Change: -3

This one came in right about where I expected. Also, I figured that I would like it better than Morocco’s other offering (the Kefta Pocket), and I was right. Both my wife and I agreed that this was the better of the two plates. We also agreed that, although the spice of the sausage mixed well with a generous amount of peppers and onions to provide a nice taste, the sheer amount of pita out-numbered meat and vegetables. Classic fail in bread to meat ratio, here.

Next, we take a short flight to …

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2012 Food & Wine Top 25 – #21 to 25

Now, moving into the real Top 25, let’s hit numbers 21 to 25.

#25 – Pork Pot Stickers (China)

Pre-Festival: #25

Change: None

At #25, we jet over to China for pork pot stickers. Honestly, the pot stickers were just fine. The only reason they hit both the pre-festival and final list at #25 is because I expected them to be – and they were – just ordinary. You can get pot stickers just about anywhere, and how could the poor F&W kiosk compete with the ones presented by ‘Ohana?

#24 – Roast Bratwurst (Germany)

Pre-Festival: #20

Change:  -4

We have to travel to Germany to find #24. For the second year in a row, the roast bratwurst was a disappointment.

Well, to be correct, 2011’s version wasn’t listed as a brat. It was described as Nürnberger Sausage in a Pretzel Roll. Basically, it was the same thing – a relatively …

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