Memories and Mudslides!

Short and sweet to start this fine week, my friends.  Literally!  Short and sweet.

Not only have Mrs. All in WDW and I not been to The World for quite some time, it is probably going to be a few more months before we pass under Disney’s welcoming gates.

The Western gate. One of the most gorgeous sights in ANY world.

Of course, that fact is causing me to wax nostalgic.  Good food, beautiful sights, and refreshing drinks.  Naturally, all that longing leads me to … Laguna Bar!

Behold!  Good food …

The “legendary” Laguna Burger. I swear it’s one of the BEST burgers on property. Normally comes with your choice of chips, but you can request fries at an upcharge.

Beautiful sights …

Refreshing drinks …

Modelo is one of my favorite “Disney beers”.  I only drink it when I’m relaxing at Laguna Bar!

Finally, we make it to the “sweet”.  It’s out of the ordinary for us to enjoy a “dessert drink”, but Laguna’s Mudslide is pretty darn good!

I dearly hope that our beloved bar on the “shore” of Lago Dorado survives the resort’s on-going re-imagineering.  I guess that only time will tell.


Did you “vote” in this weekend’s Disney Springs restaurant poll, folks?  If not, please go back and weigh in with your opinion.  Results will post tomorrow!

What’s the Best (Most Enticing) New Restaurant in Disney Springs?!  VOTE!

Photo Gallery: Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort!

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome to the middle of the week!  Already?  Yes, it’s “Hump Day”, everyone!  Friday is right around the corner.  Yay!

Mrs. All in WDW and I stopped by our favorite resort yesterday.  Yes, some “quality time” was spent at Pepper Market.  Their Southwestern Omelet is delicious!


We reached our daily 10,000 ‘steps’ with 4.0+ miles worth of laps around Lago Dorado.  What a beautiful walking trail!


Finally, later on, we “refreshed” at our beloved Laguna Bar.  Hey!  It has been 100 degrees down here this week!  Well, it has been darn close to 100!


Anyway, regardless of the heat, the highlight of our visit was the weather.  It might have been a warm morning and afternoon, but the skies were beautiful.  Look at the clouds!




Coronado is simply a gorgeous resort, folks.  A Deluxe feel at a Moderate price, it really can’t be beat.  Try it!  We have three more stays planned for this year alone, and we can’t wait!