The Incredible Disappearing Theme Park … Strikes Again!

Morning, folks!  You’ve undoubtedly heard this by now, but, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel, The Magic of Disney Animation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will close this coming Sunday, July 12th.


Yes, my friends.  Another longstanding Studios attraction (or, collection of attractions) is set to disappear into the Orlando sunset.

What a shame.  All in the name of progress, eh?  Of course, this closure includes the Animation Academy.


You know … the fun little spot where, with help from a Disney artist, Guests can (used to be able to?) enjoy an opportunity to draw a Disney character?



I really hope that Disney finds a way to re-open this attraction somewhere else … sometime else.  It’s such a unique experience!

Where else can someone with no artistic ability whatsoever – someone like me, for example – get a chance to draw Sadness from the new Pixar movie “Inside Out”?

Anyway, as soon as we heard the news last week, Mrs. All in WDW and I hurried over to produce one last bad caricature.


Fantastic, huh?  Uh, NOT … at … all!  I bet this talented animator could teach me a thing or two about how to draw!  Do you think she hires out as a tutor?  Have a great day, everyone!