What a Puzzling Hobby!

If you’re a fan of jigsaws, what better way could there be to meld Disney with your favorite hobby than to take on a pile of “princess” puzzles?

Mrs. All in WDW is the absolute QUEEN of jigsaw puzzles.  From flowers and landscapes to donuts and cupcakes, you name it, she has pieced it together.

Well, a few months back, we picked up this four-pack in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


Her verdict?  Truthfully, for the price, and the fact that they were Disney-focused, she expected better-quality pieces.  Nonetheless, they were fun to make and beautiful to behold!





Holiday (Disney) Cheer at … Publix?!

You have to love it when your local stores “step their Disney game up” a bit.

You know what I mean.  How many of you have found a Mickey waffle maker at CVS?  Have you seen the avalanche of Disney-related merchandise offered at Target?

Well, this little contribution to Disney holiday spirit was a bit of a surprise to us.



Do you use reusable grocery bags? We don’t use them nearly as much as we should, but these might get us to step our game up!  Way to go, Publix!


Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s “off to ride” we go!

You’ve seen the pictures.  You’ve probably watched the videos.  I’m here to tell you that, we rode it yesterday and the Magic Kingdom’s new “darling” – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – is an outstanding ride!

7 Dwarves Sign

Is it worth a 70 minute wait, however?  Hmm.  Maybe not.  Oh, for the novelty of riding it for the first time, possibly it is, but, fortunately, I had booked our “appointments” via FastPass+.

“Appointments”.  Blocks of time you arrange if you want to do “fun” things like go to the dentist or doctor.  If that doesn’t make my feelings clear, I’ll just say it.  Up to this point, I have not been a fan of FastPass+.

Yesterday, I finally “got it”.  We experienced “LightningPass+”!

Enter the cave!

Line?  What line?  Enter the cave!

The Stand-By line was listed at 70 minutes.  We had FastPass+ “reservations” for 10:30 AM.  We arrived right on the dot, raced through the Dwarves’ caves, and walked off the ride within 10 minutes.  No, I am not exaggerating!  Way to go, Disney!

Other than recommending that FastPass+ is a “must-do”, I would say the ride was pretty tame when it comes to “roller coasters”.  In fact, it’s less a roller coaster, per se, and more a … well, wild mine ride.

In other words, if you’re faint of heart when it comes to coasters, don’t be.  This ride does whip you around a little bit, but the train is really moving a bit slower than it feels.  Just watch it from outside the ride.  You’ll see the cars go by much slower than you’d expect.

At any rate, it’s an enjoyable addition to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and likely to be very popular for years to come!  Enjoy this photo blast … then, start booking your “appointments”!

Let's get going!

Let’s get going!

Dwarves Shot #1

Dwarves Shot #2

Dwarves Shot #3

Dwarves Shot #4

Dwarves Shot #5