You Can’t Beat Tonga Toast, Can You?!

Hey!  How about a … “Big Kahuna with a smaller version of Tonga Toast instead of pancakes”?  Offered up by one of our readers, that’s an excellent idea!  Don’t you agree?


When it comes to Tuesday’s Kona Cafe breakfast poll, several comments displayed affection for The Samoan – poached eggs with Hollandaise served over smoked pulled pork hash.

Plus, I clearly underestimated the allure of Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes.  Fans raved over those, as well.  And, of course, Hawaiian Kona “Maragogype” Press Pot coffee got a lot of love too.

Having said that, when it comes to breakfast, we’re all about the Tonga Toast.  The Big Kahuna ran a close second.  The poll is still open, folks.  If you haven’t voted, go back and register your opinions!

Photo Oct 16, 3 18 00 PM

Now, as for the “signature” adult beverages that can be found at nearby Tambu Lounge, pineapples rule.  Lapu Lapus for everyone!

My favorite response, given that I asked which drink was better, was …

“Depends.  Do you want to continue drinking or only have one drink?  Lapu Lapu is big … and potent!  The Backscratcher isn’t nearly as devious.  Both are yummy, though.”

If you still need to (want to) weigh in with your pick, my friends, stop back to Wednesday’s post.  Lapu Lapu?  Backscratcher?  You choose!  Cheers!

Best Signature Drink at Polynesian’s Tambu Lounge?

Let’s stick around the Polynesian for another day, OK.  Let’s see a show of hands.  Who else – other than Mrs. All in WDW and I – loves Tambu Lounge?

Photo Oct 16, 3 18 16 PM


Hah!  I see you all out there!  Great lounge, isn’t it?  Whether you simply stop by for a quick refreshment or are waiting for your ADR at nearby ‘Ohana, it’s a very fun spot!

Reminiscing about good times at Tambu got me to thinking about Disney’s “signature” drinks.  Each resort seems to have their own special “creations”, eh?  Tambu is no different.

Bacardi Superior Rum, Myers’s Original Dark Rum, and Passion Fruit Juice.  Top that with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and add a Bamboo Backscratcher!


Now, that’s a cocktail, folks.  Hey!  The backscratcher is a “take home” souvenir.  We have three of them!  Do you have any?

Myers’s Original Dark Rum and Tropical Fruit Juices topped with Goslings 151 Rum!  Serve it up in a fresh Pineapple and you have an infamous Lapu Lapu!


Same “challenge” as yesterday … how in The World can we choose between these two?!  Well, that’s what I want you to do today, my friends.  Backscratcher.  Lapu Lapu.  You choose!

Beware of the Bread Pudding! Dining Recon: Tambu Lounge!

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome to Monday!  I know.  Yuck!  Well, let’s remedy the Monday morning blues and start the week off in our “happy place”, shall we?

A few days ago, I posted this on Facebook … “One of the best lounges on property.  Highly recommend!”


I was referring to the Polynesian’s Tambu Lounge, of course.  It has always been one of our “must do” spots.

On this trip, we learned a few things, however.  For example, up until 3:30 PM, you can order from Kona Cafe’s menu!  Evidently, that started back in March.

Wanting to take advantage of this, Mrs. All in WDW and I split one of my personal “Top 5” Walt Disney World meals.  Yes, the Pan-Asian Noodles with Chicken!  Delicious!


We also learned that ‘Ohana opens its doors for dinner at 3:30 PM now!  Well, that was a surprise – to us, at least.  Had we realized it, we might have passed on the noodles!

Mrs. All in WDW and I made the best of it, however.  You see, Tambu has been, for some time, serving late-afternoon and evening Guests ‘Ohana’s phenomenal Bread Pudding.



Can you believe we haven’t had any of this delectable, fantastic, tremendous, tasty, delicious dessert in years?!  It is as good as we remembered!  Drench it in Bananas-Caramel Sauce, folks!


As I mentioned, Tambu Lounge has always been a family favorite.  Now that you can get the best of both Kona and ‘Ohana as you relax and recreate your afternoon and evenings away, it’s better than ever!

Like I said above, “One of the best lounges on property.  Highly recommend!”

Beverage Recon: Tambu Lounge PLUS Dining Recon: Kona Island!

Good morning, my friends!  I hope you’re having a great weekend!

When I compiled this post, it felt very appropriate to title the piece “Beverage Recon: Tambu Lounge plus Dining Recon: Kona Island”.  A long title, for sure, but, today, we’re going to see some of the best of both!

Situated on the 2nd Floor of the Great Ceremonial House of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, both of these establishments are huge fan favorites.  Oh, you know they are.

Photo Oct 16, 3 18 00 PM

Photo Oct 16, 3 18 16 PM

Show of hands.  How many of you, out there, have enjoyed a Backscratcher at Tambu Lounge?  I thought so!  Do you know the recipe?  No?  OK.  Here it is!

  • 1/2 oz. Meyer’s Original Dark Rum
  • 1/2 oz. Bacardi Superior Rum
  • Passion Fruit Juice
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Ice

You need to mix the rums in a glass with ice.  You fill most of the rest of the glass with passion fruit juice.  Leave some room at the very top.  Then, top the concoction with some Jack Daniel’s.

I’m not sure where you’ll find the actual backscratcher, but, hey!  The taste will be there!  Right?  Yum!

Photo Oct 16, 3 12 10 PM

Of course, that covered the beverage part of our afternoon … not to mention it provided me with a great backscratcher to take home!  Hmm.  Now, what about lunch?

Most of what you eat at Tambu (at lunchtime, at least), can be secured from the Polynesian’s Quick Service venue – Captain Cook’s.  I’ve published posts about that before – see?  Click the link.

Photo Oct 16, 2 11 32 PM

Photo Oct 16, 1 18 13 PM

Photo Oct 16, 1 18 31 PM

Another option is to visit the Kona Island sushi counter.  Oddly, you have to wait for a server to come over from Kona Cafe’ to wait on you, but they do prepare your sushi at the island.

On this afternoon, Mrs. All in WDW and I shared some sashimi and two rolls.  It’s served “take-out style”, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s still delicious!

Photo Oct 16, 1 35 13 PM

Photo Oct 16, 1 35 23 PM

Photo Oct 16, 1 35 35 PM

All in all, blending the best from both venues provided us with a great experience.  Tambu’s cocktail was very tasty and refreshing.  Kona’s sushi was outstanding!

If you’re looking to enjoy a fabulous Polynesian afternoon, we’d recommend this recipe of  Tambu plus Kona.  Of course, you have to be a fan of sushi, but, if you are, you can’t go wrong!