You Can’t Beat Tonga Toast, Can You?!

Hey!  How about a … “Big Kahuna with a smaller version of Tonga Toast instead of pancakes”?  Offered up by one of our readers, that’s an excellent idea!  Don’t you agree?


When it comes to Tuesday’s Kona Cafe breakfast poll, several comments displayed affection for The Samoan – poached eggs with Hollandaise served over smoked pulled pork hash.

Plus, I clearly underestimated the allure of Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes.  Fans raved over those, as well.  And, of course, Hawaiian Kona “Maragogype” Press Pot coffee got a lot of love too.

Having said that, when it comes to breakfast, we’re all about the Tonga Toast.  The Big Kahuna ran a close second.  The poll is still open, folks.  If you haven’t voted, go back and register your opinions!

Photo Oct 16, 3 18 00 PM

Now, as for the “signature” adult beverages that can be found at nearby Tambu Lounge, pineapples rule.  Lapu Lapus for everyone!

My favorite response, given that I asked which drink was better, was …

“Depends.  Do you want to continue drinking or only have one drink?  Lapu Lapu is big … and potent!  The Backscratcher isn’t nearly as devious.  Both are yummy, though.”

If you still need to (want to) weigh in with your pick, my friends, stop back to Wednesday’s post.  Lapu Lapu?  Backscratcher?  You choose!  Cheers!

Best Breakfast at Kona Cafe?

Good morning, folks!  Most WDW fans rave about ‘Ohana.  The “flagship” venue of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, it certainly is enjoyable for both breakfast and dinner.

When it comes to the Poly, however, Mrs. All in WDW and I are quite partial to its sister restaurant – Kona Cafe.  For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we always walk away quite happy.

I was looking through some old photos a few days ago, and I stumbled upon our last breakfast at Kona.  I realized … it’s hard to choose from amongst their countless options!

Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes.  Steak and Eggs.  A straightforward Ham and Cheese Omelet.  All of it is delicious!

Of course, there are two “signature” dishes that seem to stand out above the rest.  What are those, you ask?  Oh, c’mon.  You know!

Imagine banana-stuffed sourdough French toast rolled in cinnamon sugar.  Served with your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage, for $15, it’s Tonga Toast!

This Tonga was actually served at Poly's Quick Service - Captain Cook's - but you get the picture!

This Tonga was actually served at Poly’s Quick Service – Captain Cook’s – but you get the picture!


Then, check this out.  French toast.  Pancakes topped with pineapple sauce and macadamia nut butter.  Eggs.  Home-fried potatoes.  Add ham, bacon, and sausage?  Wow!  For only $14?!  It really is the Big Kahuna!


How in The World can we choose between these two?!  Well, that’s what I want you to do today, my friends.  Imagine this … you’re at Kona.  It’s breakfast.  Tonga?  Kahuna?  You choose!

Dining Recon: Breakfast at Kona Cafe

“I know.  You’re going to have Tonga Toast,” Mrs. All in WDW said with utter certainty.  Uh, no.  Not today, dear.

Actually, there have been very few times I’ve passed up the opportunity to enjoy that banana-stuffed delight.  As it turned out, though, yesterday was, happily, one of those rare occasions!

Mrs. All in WDW and I had been scheduled to meet a friend of ours for a South Pacific breakfast.  Unfortunately, he was unable to join us.  Fortunately, we held to plan and honored the ADR.

Undeterred, we arrived at Disney’s Polynesian Village to find a very busy resort.  4th of July weekend, you know!



We hadn’t been to Kona for breakfast in quite some time.  We were very pleased to see that some of their most-popular favorites still graced the menu.



Mrs. All in WDW went a bit off the beaten path when she combined two of Kona’s omelet offerings into her own “recipe”.


She took the roasted red peppers from the Egg White Omelet, combined them with the regular eggs and home-fried potatoes of the Ham and Cheese Omelet, and had our server subtract the ham and cheese.  She loved it!

I, on the other hand, set aside my desire for a healthy(?) helping of Tonga Toast in favor of ordering Kona’s Big Kahuna!


French toast, pancakes topped with pineapple sauce and macadamia nut butter, eggs, home-fried potatoes, ham, bacon, and sausage.  Small, but very delicious, portions of each component.  Outstanding!

We’ve never had a bad meal at Kona, my friends.  And, when you look at the prices, considering you’re in Disney, it has always been a pretty good value.

We highly recommend Kona for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Great food, pretty easy to get seated via ADR or “walk-in”, and a phenomenally-themed resort!


Dining Recon: Captain Cook’s

More of a “picture recon”, I’d say.  But, that’s what we all like best, eh?  Pictures?  Of decor …











Of course, we all crave pictures of FOOD!  Am I right?  Like … Tonga Toast!  You want the recipe? Here it is!



How about a yummy cupcake?  Mmm.  Straight out of a “Cupcake ATM”, maybe?  C’mon, you all know you want that ATM!

What am I talking about?  Look back at my post from a few days ago.


And, how about lunch?  Pulled Pork Nachos topped with Onions, Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Tomatoes, and Pineapple Salsa, maybe?

Photo Dec 30, 12 42 11 PM (1)

Photo Dec 30, 12 44 38 PM

Do you want something a bit more filling?  Try a Big Kahuna Sandwich!  I did.

Photo Dec 30, 12 42 11 PM

Photo Dec 30, 12 44 55 PM

Photo Dec 30, 12 45 08 PM

Filled with Turkey, Ham, Salami, Roast Beef, Swiss, Lettuce, and Tomato on Focaccia with Red Pepper Spread, it is absolutely delicious!

There you have it!  Less words … more pics! More food! Bon appetit, my friends!