Welcome to All in WDW TV!

Good morning, folks!  Many, many, thanks for all of your support and participation yesterday.  We saw 601 page views – our second-most active day ever!  Most of your visits were to our first-ever edition of a new feature called “Dining Recon”.  It seems you guys were just as anxious as I for a glimpse of that Beaches and Cream burger and sundae!  Yum!

Today, take a test drive (er, ride) on “All in WDW TV” and experience a trip to …

… the most magical place on Planet Earth – Disney’s Magic Kingdom!   I shot this journey some time back and present it as the inaugural video on All in WDW’s YouTube site.  While you’re there, press the “Subscribe” button!  Show us some more of your support!  There are more videos coming soon!

From time to time, you just need a WDW “boost”. I’m sure most of you try to get that “pick-me-up” by listening to podcasts, chatting on forums, following one of the Disney sub-Reddits, or watching videos on YouTube. Here, I share one that always makes me smile.  I get frustrated with Disney Transportation from time to time, but I have to admit … deep down, I really love the buses. Enjoy this trip to the Magic Kingdom.  It’s destined to cheer your day!

Take a ride to Disney’s Magic Kingdom

One Bus

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