Dining Recon: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop

Earlier this week, as we charged through the voting to elect the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Crescent Lake Table Service Restaurant, I kept thinking about that burger.  What burger?  If you’ve been to Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, you know which one I mean.  You see, back in January, Mrs. All in WDW and I experienced our first-ever dinner at the Beach Club’s “much ballyhooed” ice cream joint, and we loved it!

Prior to this, I honestly felt that the best burger in Disney lived at …

… The Fountain in the WDW Dolphin or at Pecos Bill in Magic Kingdom.  In fact, each time I saw the question, “What’s the best burger in Walt Disney World?” on a chat board, my thoughts went to “Bill” or the Fountain.  Naturally, they got my votes.  Then, I would sit in that chat room and watch all the other Disney fans rave about Beaches.  Well, after years of wondering, we finally ended the deprivation!

We had been engaged in doing one of our favorite things – sitting by Stormalong Bay in rocking chairs, sipping glasses of wine, and relaxing in the Florida sunshine, when we realized it was 3:30 PM and high time for an early dinner.  We didn’t have any reservations, so we were open to anything.  Well, since we were right there, Mrs. All in WDW suggested Beaches and Cream.  We agreed it was a longshot – with no ADR in hand – but, nonetheless, we took a short walk over to see if they could squeeze us into their busy schedule.  Lucky for us, no more than fifteen minutes later, we sat inside with menus in our possession.

Check out these pics and enjoy, my friends!  Man, it’s 5:00 AM, and I’m already hungry for lunch!

First things first – the, aforementioned, menu:

Beaches Cover

You have to love a menu that refers to one of its sections as “Burger Heaven”, don’t you?

Burger Heaven?

And, of course, there are malts, shakes, and … ice cream!!

Ice Cream!

So, where did we go with our decisions?  Mrs. All in WDW ordered the Beaches Rachel Sandwich – a grilled pastrami on rye.  She’d had pastrami before, but she voted this one, ‘Pretty darn good!’  Looks ‘pretty darn good’ to me.

Beaches Rachel

The onion rings were kind of pricey, but neither one of us could resist.  Good thing, too.  They were crunchy, tasty, and delicious.  I think you know where my eyes wandered as I scanned the menu – Bacon Angus Beef Burger.  There was never a doubt. Mmmm. Give me one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner … any time!

Beef Burger

So, we finished these gargantuan meals and were stuffed.  But … did I mention those chat rooms earlier?  There are two other things I hear about over and over again – “The Famous” Kitchen Sink and No Way Jose.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  Well, we knew this was going to lead us straight onto a diet when we got home, but here’s ‘Jose’.


At the end of the day, I can’t believe we ate all that, but, to be frank, it was worth every calorie.  Almost two months later, our diets are well-underway and the calories and pounds-gained are long gone, but our memories of Beaches and Cream Soda Shop remain.  And, so are the pictures.  Man!  I still want one of those burgers!  Where are we going for lunch today, dear?

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