“!Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas”

Landslide.  Runaway.  No contest.  Call it what you want, but we sure do love our monorail!

Monorail @ the Poly

I’m sitting here this morning, sipping coffee from my favorite cup, and marveling at the overwhelming “beat-down” our beloved monorail laid on the rest of the field on its way to being named the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Transportation.

Monorail Coffee

Wow!  66.67% of the vote in its group in the 1st Round.  A stunning 72.13% of the vote in the finale – 88 of 122 votes!!  The poor buses and boats never had a chance!

What better way to celebrate than with this?  Click the link and enjoy!

In the meantime, “Please stand clear of my coffee!”  Or, as the cup says, “!Por favor manténgase alejado de mi café”.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

What’s Your Favorite WDW Transportation?

Good morning, everyone!

As we voted our way through Round 1 yesterday, I received a Tweet from @davemcb1897. That’s Dave McBride – the owner and webmaster of JamboEveryone.com. He said, ‘I would think this is a layup for the monorail.’

Well, if you go by Round 1’s results, I think he might be right on target. The monorail trounced the competition in Group #2. My only thought, however, is that a lot of us figured Haunted Mansion for a ‘shoe-in’ winner of the Magic Kingdom poll last week too. In other words, it isn’t over until it’s over. I Tweeted back to Dave, “Might be the MK ferry makes a run, though.” We’ll see.  The only surprise for me in Round 1 was that …

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What’s Your Favorite WDW Transportation?

We had a fun week last week when we ran the Magic Kingdom poll, so I thought we could head into the weekend with something light – a short and easy poll.  I have always wondered this … what is our favorite form of WDW transportation?

Are you like me?  Do you love the buses?  Yes, I’m in the vast minority, it seems, but I do love those Disney buses.  Yet again, I adore …

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Welcome to All in WDW TV!

Good morning, folks!  Many, many, thanks for all of your support and participation yesterday.  We saw 601 page views – our second-most active day ever!  Most of your visits were to our first-ever edition of a new feature called “Dining Recon”.  It seems you guys were just as anxious as I for a glimpse of that Beaches and Cream burger and sundae!  Yum!

Today, take a test drive (er, ride) on “All in WDW TV” and experience a trip to …

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