Beads! Beads! Colorful Beads!

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re walking through one of the parks, and you spot something that you swear wasn’t there the last time you passed through.

I thought so.

Well, it happened to us the last time we visited Epcot’s World Showcase. Between the Germany pavilion and the Africa-themed Outpost, we found the “Bead Outpost”.  Now, call me crazy, but that was not there before … was it?

Usually, as we stroll past Germany – on our way to visit China, Norway, and Mexico – Mrs. All in WDW and I …

… engage in the same, old conversation. We look at all that real estate separating Germany and China and come to the inevitable conclusion that all that space would be perfect for a new pavilion or two.

It was actually one of those little walks that inspired the poll I ran back in early February to “re-imagine” World Showcase. If you remember the results from that day of voting, if it were left up to us, the property currently claimed by the Outpost would be replaced by any of Australia/New Zealand, Russia, or India.

Anyway, the Bead Outpost intrigued us in its apparently “sudden” appearance but mostly for its purpose. Take a few minutes to take a short pictorial tour and learn how WDW ‘left-overs’ are being used to provide support to Waters is Life – Kenya and Outreach Uganda.

Is this booth new to World Showcase?

Is this booth new to World Showcase?

A view from the side.

A view from the side.

Beads on display and Cast Member ready to help.

Beads on display and Cast Member ready to help.

Walking inside.

Walking inside.

Here's what it's all about!

Please click on the picture and read what it’s all about!

Very colorful!

Very colorful!

Thanks for visiting the "Bead Outpost"!

Thanks for visiting the “Bead Outpost”!

6 thoughts on “Beads! Beads! Colorful Beads!

  1. It is nice to know that you and the Mrs. most likely have been so enthralled with each other as you stroll that you just never noticed the Beat Outpost before! It has been there for quite some time – I’m not sure of the exact date but I believe it opened somewhere around mid-2011. I have purchased beads from there several times. The fact that they use left over maps and brochures that are sent to Uganda to be hand-rolled into the beads (giving villagers work) has always fascinated me and each time I visit I try to purchase a different color scheme. They do this through a non-profit org. called Bead For Life whose mission is to help impoverished nations learn to support themselves.These are Disney souvenirs that are extremely affordable and that are helping others at the same time!

    • Lol!

      Yeah, I thought I might have “daydreamed” my way past it a dozen or so times, but, honestly, last month was the first time I paid any attention to it. Hah!

      I agree. The whole idea fascinated me as well.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Interestingly, my son Ethan fell in LOVE with the beads on our last trip. For an 11 yr old, he’s extremely conscious about items that get wasted and loves to come up with creative ways to “repurpose” … so, of course, those beads really spoke to him. He ended up buying a bracelet as the souvenir to give his Mom on return from Disney … he protected that thing like it was made from a brochure drawn first-hand from Walt’s pen … In contemplating it upon return and presenting it to his Mom, he decided that just may be one of the souvenirs he gets each time he goes to WDW. So yea, very cool “outpost” and very poignant “post” … hope those great little souvenirs catch on!!

  3. I have several of these sets, discovered them a few trips ago and add to my collection each time I go! I get compliments on them all the time!

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