Plummet [down the] Summit!

Well, one thing’s for sure … when it comes to Walt Disney World’s water parks, our opinions can best be described as completely mixed.

Earlier this week, I sought out feedback as to whether or not it is worth a cool $55.38 to buy a ’1-Day Water Park Ticket’ to either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach. Well, if, like me, you were looking for the results and comments to push you in one direction or another, you’re a little bit disappointed. We produced, at best, a “split decision”!

First, let’s re-visit the polls.

1. Is a ‘1-Day Water Park Ticket’ really worth $55.38? If “Heck, yeah!” or “No way!” are two ends of a spectrum, we live equally on …

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“Do you want to go to Disney this weekend?”

Back in 2010, on the Sunday afternoon before Labor Day and less than a month after we officially moved to Atlanta, Mrs. All in WDW (way before she knew that she’d, one day, go by the monicker of ‘Mrs. All in WDW’) asked me the most wonderful of questions – “Do you want to go to Disney this weekend?”

“What? THIS weekend? Really?!”

You have to understand … having lived in Cleveland, Ohio for all of our lives, our exposure to Walt Disney World always involved three, somewhat expensive, airplane tickets. As such, we had only been to Walt’s ‘World’ five times in our lives and all as our son grew up. Now, he was away in college and we found ourselves a mere seven hours away from Orlando by car. In fact, when my boss (at the time) told me about the relocation, he prefaced it with, “Bob, look at this way …

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Memories of Yesterday – Innovations of the Future

A month or so ago, I reported that Mrs. All in WDW and I visited the Odyssey Center in Epcot located between Test Track and World Showcase in order to convert our paper annual passes into the new, RFID-enabled ones of a plastic variety.  What I didn’t mention is that, while we were there, we were treated to a …

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