An Old Friend with a New Trip Report!

Hey, folks!  What, oh what, has our retired colleague – Dennis Conroy – been up to now?  I mean, where has he been?  Did lose his key to the WDW Main Street Pub, or something?

Actually, he recently returned from WDW, and he’s back to share it all!  Did he enjoy his stay at Riverside?  Did he lift his ban on eating at buffets?  Did he like STK Orlando?  Catch it all in …

Episode 410 – A Trip Report with Dennis!

Grab a “Taste” of Magic Kingdom’s Christmas … Courtesy of ResortTV1!

Hello, my friends.  Seasons Greetings!  Huh?  Already?  Yeah, I suppose so.  Walt Disney World is definitely dressing up for another holiday season!

Want to grab a taste of the celebration?  Then, click the picture directly below to get your first glimpse of 2017’s dressed-up Magic Kingdom – courtesy of ResortTV1!

Hey, would you care to know one of our favorite things about Christmas time in Disney?  Resort decorations.  All of them, actually, but, specifically, we are very fond of the Grand Floridian’s Gingerbread House.  It is delicious!

Of course, when it comes to attractions, it’s hard to pass by the transformation that happens over in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.  How can you miss taking a ride on the Jingle Cruise!

Folks, join John Peters and Doug Davis as they cover the latest news from all around Walt Disney World.  What’s on their list, this week?  Disney’s holiday entertainment schedules, of course!  Listen to their entertaining report at …

Episode 407 – Our Weekly News!

Join OUR “Virtual” Dash Through All Four-Parks!

Hey, folks!  Did you catch ResortTV1’s epic full-day celebration of Walt Disney World last weekend?  No?  Really?  Well, don’t delay … click the picture below to watch Josh and Jenna’s summary re-cap video!

Afterwards, join John, Doug, and I at the Main Street Pub.  In honor of ResortTV1’s all-inclusive dash, we gathered together to discuss how we would tour all four Walt Disney World parks in one single day.

Discover the answers to burning questions such as …

  • What piece of real estate is Doug considering for the future home of the Main Street Pub?
  • In which park do we all end our day?
  • One of us plans to dine on Bangers and Mash.  Is it Doug?
  • Which one of us loves Starbucks enough to choose its breakfast over traditional Disney fare?
  • Why does Doug not call Flight of Passage by its true name?
  • Do I even know what attraction “lives” in the the Tree of Life?

Catch all of this and much, much more when you listen to …

Episode #406 – Four Parks! One Day!

Hey, Folks! Stop on By! It’s Monday’s Manic Miscellaneous Mish-Mash!

Podcasts, polls, and park tours.  What a way to start the week, eh, my friends!  First, let’s start with the podcasts!  Yes, John and Doug … they’ve been very busy.  They’ve dropped two – count ‘em, two – weekly news shows!

To find out all about everything going on in Walt Disney World, please pull up a stool in the Main Street Pub.  Let Doug pour you a cold beverage, and listen to …

Episode #403 – Our Weekly News!

Episode #405 – Our Weekly News!

I want to thank all of you who participated in yesterday’s poll.  Your comments told an interesting tale!  Such as … we might want to stay away from Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Splash Mountain!

Basically, I asked, ‘if one of these attractions suffered a mechanical breakdown, on which would you rather get stuck?’  Well, most of you are grim grinning ghosts!  Your response was unequivocal – Haunted Mansion!

To see the list of “contestants”, the final results, or to weigh in with your opinion, visit yesterday’s post … Are YOU Stuck On A WDW Attraction?

Finally, a lot of you caught the fact that I advertised ResortTV1’s epic dash through all four parks this past Saturday.

Beginning with a late-morning stroll through Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and ending with Happily Ever After in the Magic Kingdom, Josh and Jenna were true four-park “warriors”.

Are you toiling away at work on a bleak and depressing Monday morning?  Well, cheer yourself up!  Catch ResortTV1’s great day by clicking on any or all of the four pictures below!

Are YOU Stuck On A WDW Attraction? [Poll!]

Good Sunday, folks!  Have you ever been on a ride while it suffered a mechanical failure?  What was your experience?

Pull up your Main Street Pub stool with John and Doug and enjoy our latest episode!  Click the picture below to access the show!

The boys cover rides that they wouldn’t mind breaking down … just so that they can get a closer look behind the scenes!

Then, answer us this … on which of these attractions would you rather get stuck?  Yes, my friends, please assume that the respective music and/or narrations keep on playin’!