Memories of Yesterday – Innovations of the Future

A month or so ago, I reported that Mrs. All in WDW and I visited the Odyssey Center in Epcot located between Test Track and World Showcase in order to convert our paper annual passes into the new, RFID-enabled ones of a plastic variety.  What I didn’t mention is that, while we were there, we were treated to a …

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Upset! Splash wins! Splash wins!

 Like an epic March Madness battle, after which this week’s poll was designed, four attractions entered this Disney-obsessed arena, and only one emerged with the crown.  It is Splash!  Call it the “king of the mountains”, but you also have to, henceforth, refer to it as the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Attraction!

Yesterday, after 762 page views provided by 613 distinct visitors to the web site and a whopping 422 votes, we ‘made it so’!  And, what a shocking result it was … to myself and Mrs. All in WDW, at least.  Why?  Just consider the data …

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Magic “Madness” – The Finale!

After our heaviest voting yet (an average of 335 votes per group in Round 3! Wow!), here we are! The “Final Four”!

You guys have been unbelievable this week! Thank you very much. We ended up with 584 page views yesterday and 670 total votes cast. Two more new countries stopped by to visit and vote. And, all of that effort brings us to the fateful day where you will name the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Attraction. Are you ready? Don’t tire out yet. We have one more day of epic voting left. Oh, and it’s Friday! Yay! The best day of the week! There, that should energize you.

I saw one Tweet yesterday that said, ‘I can’t believe …

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Magic “Madness” – Round 3

The number of the day is 30,000.  No, not votes.  Overnight, thanks to all of your support, All in WDW passed 30,000 all-time page views!  THANK YOU!  When it came to vote totals, we racked up 1,247 yesterday.  The Haunted Mansion was the big “winner” with 187 votes.  Oh, and yet another country found The World of All in WDW! That makes four new entries to All in WDW’s “World Showcase” this week!  You guys are fantastic!

Back to business, though.  We’re down to the “Terrific 10”, my friends!!  But, I have to warn you …

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Magic “Madness” – Round 2

Wow!  Wow!!  You guys rule!  What a response to Round 1!  Your support yesterday was phenomenal!!

722 page views – All in WDW’s second-biggest day ever!  3,064 total votes registered!!  And, we even saw three new countries visit the site … just to vote!  Can we do it again?

The choices get harder in Round 2, folks.  We’re down to …

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